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Museums in Cheboksary

The Russian and Foreign Art Department of the Chuvash State Art Museum

4 Konstantin Ivanov Str.

A treasure house of Russian and foreign artworks on the Volga bank.
The Chuvash Embroidery Museum

32 Karla Marksa Str.

The museum is located in the center of the city inside of a historical building. It keeps exemplary works of ancient and modern embroidery, the latter are already called legendary. It is known, that the Chuvash embroidery is not only a significant mark of our republic, but a philosophy related to the Chuvash people worldviews.
The Chuvashstat Museum

16 Khuzangaya Str.

The museum narrates the history of the statistics in Chuvashia, including population census. It is one small room, but according to the words of statisticians, much more museum pieces are kept in a storeroom for the time being.
The Moisey Spiridonov Museum

15/1 Urukova Str. #25

This museum is akin to the Mikhail Bulgakov Museum in Moscow - quite a rare occurrence in any cultural space. And we have it here, in Cheboksary. Home environment is saved in the museum, which used to be the apartment of the People's Artist of the Chuvashia Moisey Spiridonov.
The Polygon Creative Space

16 Ivana Franko Str.

It is not a museum in the true sense of the word, but regular exhibitions are one of the activities of this multidisciplinary public centre. Polygon is located inside of a former trade union library of the Cheboksary Cotton Manufacture, which was built in 30-40s of the past century, and it is permeated with the spirit of Stalinist Empire style.

The Vasily Chapayev Museum

46А Lenina Str.

Chapayev today is a brand of Cheboksary. Streets and villages are named in his honor, his look-alike meets tourists in the river port, and no sightseeing tour can do without visiting the museum dedicated to the legendary Vasily.

The Tractor History Museum

1 Mira Avenue

You will not find a sign 'Do not touch!' here. One can not only touch all the exhibits, including really old and rare ones, but even test drive them! The originators' idea of this unique for our country museum was to make the exposition interesting and as interactive as possible.

The Fire Protection Museum

37 Karla Marksa Str.

The museum gives the opportunity to learn the history of fire protection in Chuvashia, equipment evolution, subdivisions firefighting in different periods, fundamentals of fire automatics, fire prevention measures and also practical actions in case of fire.
The Cheboksary Hydroelectric Power Station Museum

34 Naberezhnaya Str., Novocheboksarsk

The history of hydroelectric engineering in documents, photos, functioning miniatures and exhibits.

The Museum of Cheboksary

54A Zoy Yakovlevoy Str.

The Museum of Cheboksary was opened in 2004. The very first exhibition was the exposition Veda—Suvar—Cheboksary dedicated to the ancient history of the capital of Chuvashia. Since then active members work on the preservation of genuine history in exhibit items, documents and photos.

The Chuvash State Art Museum

60 Kalinina

It is the keeper of the Chuvash ethnos art values, unique pieces of national applied arts and crafts and masterpieces of universal importance.

The Beer Museum

11A Efremov Boulevard

Beer for Chuvashes is same important as kumis (mare's milk) for steppe peoples. In the Beer Museum you will not just hear about old recipes but taste them.

The Chuvash National Museum

5/2 Red Square

All the treasures of Chuvash history in one place. Learn about original culture of our republic: traditions, trades, unique embroidery, fascinating rituals and ancient Chuvashes' peasant mode of life.

The Literary Museum n.a. K.V. Ivanov

29 Leningradskaya Str.

Get closer to the history of Chuvash literature — immerse yourself in the world of national creativity.

Map of Cheboksary museums

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