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Moskovskaya Embankment

Moskovskaya Embankment is a place of interest for tourists and locals. On more than five kilometres along the Volga River you will find cultural and historical sights, playgrounds and areas for sport and active leisure.

VisitVolga team have got to know the spot inside out. We've visited the place and got valuable information to share.

What to see

Konstantin Ivanov Square

The square is located in the historical part of the city. It is named after Konstantin Ivanov, a classic of the Chuvash literature, the author of the poem "Narspi" which was translated to 16 languages of the world. According to archeological research, several centuries earlier a churchyard and Nikolsky Women's Monastery were situated here. In 1601 Maria Shestova, a grandmother of the first Russian Tsar, was exiled to this monastery.

Today the square is a quiet and cozy place for rest. It is nice to take a walk in the shadow of trees, to watch the beauty of the Volga River and breath in fresh air. Pass through the so called Alley of Lovers, make a photo shoot or enjoy your picnic in scenic surroundings; have fun and useful leisure time in this lovely place!

This summer entertainment team dressed up in costumes of the heroes of the poem "Narspi" is welcoming visitors here. Entertainers will introduce works of the poet, make theatrical performance and tell you interesting facts about the history of the poem.
Moskovskaya embankment in Cheboksary

"Underground city"

Next to Konstantin Ivanov Square you will find the entrance to the "Underground City", an unusual work of architecture, decorated with a bas-relief of the old town.

This summer the entrance to the "Underground City" is surrounded with different art objects and forged benches. Enjoy your time listening to gusli music (the oldest East Slavic multi-string plucked instrument) or make a shot with entertainers dressed up as archers.

What to do

Cultural Events

Every weekend and on holidays entertainment programs for kids, street concerts, theatrical performances take place at Moskovskaya Embankment. In the evenings the atmosphere is enriched with various open air music concerts, famous DJ's sessions and fire shows. Also some big events, such as festivals, exhibitions and special projects, are hold here. See Event Calendar to keep up with current events.

If you love to read and know Russian, take an advantage of digital library. To get an access scan QR code from information board at Konstantin Ivanov Square. A range of K. Ivanov books ("Narspi", "Everything Starts with a Teacher", "Poems and Poetry"), masterpieces of Shakespeare and other authors are represented there.

Active Time

A bike path, a modern playground, beach volleyball sand courts, outdoor fitness equipment — all these and many other updates are waiting for you at the embankment.

Moskovskaya Embankment is equipped with everything needed for active leisure and sports. Come to do some yoga over here; what can be better of "Sun Salutation" in early morning hours at the bank of the Volga? The bike path is perfect for Nordic walking, riding a bike or a kick scooter, a skateboard or roller skates.

To add to this, here you can rent a board for SUP surfing. This offshoot of surfing combines different water activities, from boat rides to fishing and yoga.

Don't worry if you don't have a bike, a kick scooter or walking poles for Nordic walking. Rental service works daily from 10.00 am to 8.00 pm during the whole summer.
Moskovskaya embankment in Cheboksary

    • Adult bicycle: 150 ₽/ hour, 75 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Teenage bicycle: 100 ₽/ hour, 50 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Kids bicycle (4-wheeled): 75 ₽/ hour, 50 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Adult kick scooter: 125 ₽/ hour, 75 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Kids kick scooter: 75 ₽/ hour, 35 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Velomobile: 300 ₽/ hour, 150 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Poles for Nordic walking: 100 ₽/ hour, 50 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Adult roller skates: 150 ₽/ hour, 75 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Kids roller skates: 100 ₽/ hour, 50 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Skateboard or longboard: 150 ₽/ hour, 75 ₽/ ½ hour;
    • Protection kit and helmet: 50 ₽/ hour, 25 ₽/ ½ hour.
    In the summer list of open air events for publics are volleyball tournaments, morning exercises with instructors, trainers and sport stars. Each one will find something to his taste!


    Roland is a unique restaurant in the city of Cheboksary located right on the water. Fantastic view to the Volga River, coastal side of the city and a river port spreads out from the three-deck restaurant. European and Russian cuisine is offered here. It is worth noting seasonal menu to taste dishes cooked from the freshest local products.
    Moskovskaya embankment in Cheboksary
    To fortify yourself after active leisure and grab a snack you may also visit cafe Berega or Yakor. Enjoy your cup of tea and try some food with a scenic view to the coast.
    Moskovskaya embankment in Cheboksary

    Our pride

    Moskovskaya Embankment and Konstantin Ivanov Square were named to be one of the best realized projects of comfortable urban environment. Both objects are listed in the Federal registry of best experiences in city improvement. Leaders rating was announced in April 2018 at the council meeting on the formation of comfortable urban environment at the Ministry of Construction Industry.
    Moskovskaya embankment in Cheboksary

    Renovated embankment

    In 2016 the territory of the embankment was renovated and thus became more comfortable. The reconstruction of the space is a great present for the locals and guests from behalf of the city authorities. The program of improvement includes four steps: the first one was finished in 2016, the second — in the summer 2017. Final works are planned to be done by the year 2019 — 550th anniversary of Cheboksary.

    As we can see the results of the first steps realization, the embankment appeared in a totally new format. Pedestrian boulevard has become wider, a bike path appeared, benches and streetlights decorate the space now, a grass lawn has been rolled out and several leisure and sport areas have been constructed, such as a playground, volleyball courts, workout zones.

    Central Beach has been also changed. Shower cabins, changing rooms, drinking water fountains and sunbeds are now at everyone's disposal. The descent to the Volga River has been equipped with wooden stairs-benches, a perfect place to sit, sunbathe and watch sunrise or sunset.

    The renovation is to be continued. Its conception is designed in tandem of local and Moscow architects. Thus in March 2018 independent architecture school MARCH Lab (Moscow) and the city administration organized MARCH on the embankment workshop.
    Moskovskaya embankment in Cheboksary
    With support from the administration of Cheboksary
    [email protected], 2018
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