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Monuments in Cheboksary

The Stone on Cheboksary Arbat
There is an unusual monument in the very centre of Cheboksary, taganait - a stone of sun, kindness, love and happiness. The huge boulders were brought from a small ridge, Taganay, in the southern Ural. The monument is a gift for Cheboksary from the first president of the Chuvash Republic, Nikolay Fedorov.
6 K.Efremova Blvd.
Statue of Lenin on Republic Square
There are several statues of Lenin in Cheboksary. The most popular one is located in the centre of the city on Ploshchad Respubliki (Republic Square). Sculptors Dalinenko, Tatarovich, Yastrebenetsky and Israilevich, an architect, are the authors of this monument.

38A K.Marksa Str.
Bust of Vasily Nikolaev
A monument of a historian, academician, scientist, Vasily Nikolaev (1939-2007), enriches the capital of Chuvashia since 2010. It was installed to commemorate a person, who dedicated himself to the questions of ethnic history and traditional culture of the Chuvash people.
17 Yaroslavskaya Str.
Statue of Konstantin Ivanov
The monument, dedicated to a poet and a pioneer of the Chuvash literature, Konstantin Ivanov, is located next to the Chuvash Drama Theatre. Bronze reliefs depicting scenes from the poem 'Narspi' are carved on a granite pedestal. The authors are Filatov and Nagornov.
7 Red Square
Statue of Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov
There is a sign on the monument with a distorted quote from the book: "Kisa! Let's give up our hunt for the jewels and increase the population of Cheboksary… What about it? It would be very effective!" The author of the statue is Nagornov.
4 K.Efremova Blvd.
Statue of Ivan Yakovlev
A bronze cast statue of more than 3 tons weight is situated in front of the National Library and dedicated to a Chuvash enlightener, educator, missionary and creator of the modern Chuvash alphabet, Ivan Yakovlev. The authors are Naroditsky, a sculptor, and Sayevich, an architect.
15 Lenina Prospekt
Monument to Police Officers
A commemorative sign to the officers of the Russian Ministry of Internal Affairs who were lost in action is installed in the park square in front of the ministry.

44A K.Marksa Str.
Commemorative Stone to the
Victim of Fascism, Galina Kerzina
A memorial to a three-year-old girl, the only victim of the German bombing of Cheboksary on the 4th November 1941.
1/15 Prezidentsky Blvd.
Symbols of Wisdom - Chuvash Runes
A marble monument on Red Square was installed by Binbank. Among other symbols there is also a symbol of the bank on it.

5 Red Square
Bust of Dzerzhinsky
A bust of Dzerzhinsky (1877-1926), a leader and founder of Cheka (The All-Russian Extraordinary Commission) is installed next to the entrance to the Federal Security Service. The author is Bryndin, a sculptor.
43 K.Marksa Str.
Commemorative Cross
The memorial is dedicated to St. Nicolas Church with a chapel, which was demolished in 1936.

19A Presidentsky Blvd.
'Rosselkhozbank' Stele
A memorial in the shape of an ear with the list of cities and urban-type settlements of the Chuvash Republic on it.

31 Presidentsky Blvd.
Stele next to the Youth Centre
A stele with cosmic symbolism is installed next to the Youth Centre.

14 Presidentsky Blvd.
Statue of Krylov
A bronze statue of Alexey Krylov (1863-1945), an academician, scientist and shipbuilder, born in Chuvashia.
3 Rechnikov Sq.
Ship of the Future
A monument in the form of a sailboat with the logo of MegaFon phone operator on the ship's wheel.

5 Rechnikov Sq.
Sculpture of a Bicycle
The forged copper and bronze sculpture of a vintage bicycle enriches the area of Cheboksary Bay. The height of the bicycle is 2 metres, the length - 2,5 metres, the weight is about 400 kg.

1/15 Prezidentsky Blvd.
The Stone on Budayka
The stone is installed on the place, where the house of a legendary division commander and hero of the Russian Civil War, Vasily Chapayev, used to be. On 19 September 1939 Budayka village was renamed into Chapayevo, and on 20 August 1940 it became a part of Cheboksary.
22A Gagarina Str.
Bust of Mikhail Sespel
The bust of a Chuvash poet Mikhail Sespel (1899-1922) was installed in a park square named in his honor in 1989, during festive days of 520th birthday of the capital of Chuvashia. The authors are Mayraslov, a sculptor, and Krasnov, an architect.

6A Lenina Prospekt
Statue of Gagarin, the first cosmonaut
The monument to the pioneer in outer space was erected in 1976. An aluminium figure of the first cosmonaut is hoisted on a black granite pedestal. There is a sign on a granite slab behind the statue: "For the capital of Chuvashia, the city of Cheboksary, from military artists of the studio named after Grekov." The sculptor is Postnikov, the architect - Shimarev.
12 Gagarina Str.
Statue of Vasily Chapayev
One of the most significant monuments in Cheboksary is a statue of a division commander, Vasily Chapayev. The hero of the Russian Civil War is depicted on a rearing horse with a drawn sword in his hand. The figure is cast from bronze and hoisted on a 10 meters high pedestal. Total height of the monument is 15 meters. The authors are Balandin, a sculptor, and Morozov, an architect.
46A Lenina Prospekt
Statue of Gennady Volkov, the academician
Gennady Volkov (1927-2010) was an academician of the Russian Academy of Education, writer and opinion journalist, founder of ethno-pedagogics. Research institute of ethno-pedagogics of the Chuvash State Pedagogical University is named after this outstanding person.

37 Lenina Prospekt
Sculpture 'Grandma with
sunflower seeds'
A sculpture of an old woman selling sunflower seeds (a typical Russian scene) is installed on one of the central streets of Cheboksary.
1 Gagarina Str.
Sculpture of TV
A work of art, created by the employees of All-Russia State Television and Radio Broadcasting, to mark such a genius invention of the 20th century as a TV.

10 Nikolayeva Str.
Bust of Catherine the Great
A bust of a great Russian empress Catherine II, who once visited Cheboksary, is installed in historical part of the city.

8 Sespelya Str.
Monument of Andriyan Nikolayev
The memorial was installed to commemorate 25th anniversary of the first flight to outer space of Andriyan Nikolayev, a cosmonaut number 3, born in Chuvashia.
5 Nikolayev Str.
Statue of Andriyan Nikolayev
A full-length figure of the cosmonaut, Andriyan Nikolayev, one of the first humans to journey into outer space, was installed to commemorate his 82nd birthday.
48 Nikolayeva Str.
Memorial to those who gave their lives for Soviet power
An obelisk to commemorate those, who passed away fighting for the Soviet power to be established, is installed in the so called Lovers Park Square.
1A Moskovskaya Embankment
Monument to the Fire Fighters
Firemen are treated with respect and honor at all times. Thus on 29 April 2017 there was installed a memorial in Cheboksary dedicated to those who risk their lives for the sake of others.

4 Ognebortsev Pereulok
Sculpture 'Guardian Angel on a cloud'
A lovely sculpture depicting an angel sitting on a cloud can be found on one of the streets of Cheboksary. The author of the project is Nagornov, and the sculptor is Tskhurbaev.
25A Gladkova Str.
Bust of Stanislav Nikolaev
Stanislav Nikolaev (1950 -1999) was a famous pediatric surgeon. He had been developing neonatal surgery and respiratory endoscopy, had been establishing pediatric surgery departments in the regions of Chuvashia. A bust in his honor was installed in 2016 in front of the children's hospital. The author of the work is Nagornov.

27 Gladkova Str.
Sculpture of a Bicycle
There is another sculpture of a bicycle not far from the Mother Patroness Monument. It can hardly be called majestic, but quite interesting and unusual. It is a handmade forged work of art made of copper and bronze. The height is 2 m, length - 2,5 m, front wheel diameter is 1,5 m. The weight is about 400 kg.

Istoricheskaya Naberezhnaya
Stele of the United Railway Establishment
An original stele of the United Railway Establishment rises above one of the streets of Cheboksary. There is a sculpture of a slinger 'Creator' at the bottom of the stele. The figure greets passersby. There are models of freight wagons, including armoured train 'Komsomolets Chuvashii', around the monument.
1Д Mira Prospekt
Statue 'Mechanician of Russia'
A composition to honor mechanicians of Russia was created by masters according to the sketches of a factory artist, Vera Ulykina. One can find it next to the entrance gate of the Cheboksary Aggregate Plant.

1 Mira Prospekt
Sculpture 'Atalpi'
A sculpture of a woman with her hands above the head is located in front of the Cheboksary Art Museum. Its height is about 4,5 meters. The woman holds a hammer, a sickle, a shawl and flowers in her hands.

60 Kalinina Str.
Monument of Military Glory
A monument of Military Glory with eternal flame was cast at 'Monument - Sculpture' Leningrad factory. The monument was erected in 1980, and it became one of the dominants in Cheboksary. Total height is 16,5 m, the figure of a woman is 6 m, the height of the flag is 9,5 m. The sculptor is Shcherbakov, the architect - Zakharov.
54B Z.Yakovlevoy Str.
Statue of Chapayev
One of the monuments to a division commander, Vasily Chapayev, is installed in the park square on Ivan Franko Street. The hero of the Russian Civil War is depicted standing upright, in his famous felt cloak and sheepskin hat.
12A Ivana Franko Str.
Bust of Kalinin
There is a bronze bust of Kalinin (1875 - 1946) next to the Russian Ministry of Russian Affairs No.2. Mikhail Kalinin was a Soviet Politician, known familiarly as 'All-Union Elder'. The author is Ivanovsky.

109 Kalinina Str.
Statue of Lenin
One of the monuments to Vladimir Lenin, a statesman of the beginning of the 20th century, a founder of the Soviet State, is located next to the cotton mill.

8 Tekstilshchikov Str.
Memorial to the heroes-liquidators of the Chernobyl and other
radiation disasters
In 2002 there was installed a monument to commemorate the 16th anniversary of the tragedy at the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant. The memorial was erected on people's donations and contribution of the members of 'Union Chernobyl' organization.
54B Z.Yakovlevoy Str.
Statue of Nikita Bichurin
There is a statue of Bichurin (1777-1853), better known under his monastic name Hyacinth, next to the Institute of Human Sciences. The orientalist and traveller, one of the father founders of Sinology, was born in Chuvashia. The sculptor is Tikhonov and the architect is Trofimov.

29/1 Moskovsky Prospekt
Bust of Petr Egorov, an architect
A bust of a Russian architect of the 18th century, Petr Egorov, born in Chuvashia (1731-1789) was installed next to the entrance of 'Chuvashgrazhdanproekt' (a building design institute) in 2002. Egorov is known as one of the authors of the Summer Garden fence in St. Petersburg.

3C Moskovsky Prospekt
Memorial to the lost in Afghanistan
A majestic memorial to commemorate locals who died fighting in Afghanistan is located in the Victory Park. Names of those who gave their lives for international duty are carved on a black marble slab.

54B Z.Yakovlevoy Str.
Memorial to the lost in local conflicts of the North Caucasus
Among other monuments of the Victory Park there is one dedicated to the soldiers, lost in local conflicts of the North Caucasus.

54B Z.Yakovlevoy Str.
Monument to the navy officers, born in Chuvashia, who died defending sea borders of their motherland
A modest monument to the locals, who died defending sea borders of the country, is another sight of the Victory Park.
54B Z.Yakovlevoy Str.
Memorial to the victims of the war
in Chechnya
Another memorial to commemorate lost in action soldiers. In this case - the war in Chechnya.
54B Z.Yakovlevoy Str.
Statue of a breastfeeding mother
A work of art depicting a mother with a child in her arms is installed in the yard of the Cheboksary perinatal centre to symbolize maternal love.
9/1 Moskovsky Prospekt
Statue of Gleb Ilyenko
A monument of Gleb Ilyenko, the first director of the plant 'Elara', is installed on the territory of the plant. The author is Nagornov, a sculptor.
40 Moskovsky Prospekt
Bust of Konstantin Ivanov
Konstantin Ivanov is one of the most famous poets of Chuvashia. That's why there are several monuments to his honor in Cheboksary. Among others - a bust of the poet, located on the street named after this outstanding man. The sculptor is Kudryavtsev, the architect - Stupin.
2 K.Ivanova Str.
Statue of Metropolitan German
There is a statue of Metropolitan German, an archbishop of Kazan (1505-1567), who served under Hegumen Guriy, located on the territory of the Holy Trinity Monastery. The author is Gogaev, a sculptor.

1A K.Ivanova Str.
Monument to St. Peter and
Fevronia of Murom
A bronze sculpture of St. Peter and St. Fevronia of Murom, patrons of marriage, enriches the centre of Cheboksary since 2016.

1A K.Ivanova Str.
Angel of Peace
A figure of an angel with a pigeon in his hands greets guests of the Students' Park Square.
91A K.Ivanova Str.
Monument to Maksim Gorky
There is a bust of a great Russian writer, Maksim Gorky (1868-1936), next to the school No.2.
11 Afanasieva Str.
Sculpture 'Grand Piano'
A sculpture of a black grand piano enriches the entrance to the music school No.4.
22 Universitetskaya Str.
Statue of Saint Gury
There is a statue of Saint Gury not far from the Holy Trinity Monastery. According to tradition, it was him to bless the land of Cheboksary with the icon of Our Lady of Vladimir. Since then the icon is considered to be the patroness of the city, and Saint Gury - a spiritual founder of Cheboksary. The author is Gogaev, a sculptor.
1A K.Ivanova Str.
Monument of Unity of Nations and Cultures
The composition is dedicated to the unity of nations and cultures. Bronze figures of seven girls supporting lotus petals represent seven major world religions: Christianity, Islam, Judaism, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, Hinduism, yin and yang. The weight is 3 tons. Total height is 7 meters, the sculpture - 5 meters.
2 M.Gorkogo Str.
Statue of Maksim Gorky
A monument to Maksim Gorky, a proletarian writer, greets guests of the park, which holds his name. The authors are Shmagun, a sculptor, and Suslov, an architect. Gorky kept friendship and correspondence with Chuvash writers, such as Yalavin, Yarlykin, Petrov-Yuman, Orlova. The monument was installed in 1984.

15B M.Gorkogo Str.
Bust of Nadezhda Krupskaya
A bust of Krupskaya (1869-1939), a party figure and statesman, was installed in Cheboksary in 1940s in the park named in her honor. In 1979 the park happened to be in a flood zone, and the bust was relocated. At the moment you can find it next to the Institute of Teachers Improvement.
5 M.Gorkogo Str.
Statue of Lenin
There is another statue of Lenin in a square park of Chapayevsky Poselok. The leader of the Bolsheviks and first head of the Soviet State is easily recognisable. A sculptor portrayed him looking into the distance, in his usual cap on his head and the hands on his back.

Victory Square
Bust of Peter Khuzangay
A monument to the national poet of Chuvashia, Peter Khuzangay (1907-1970), was installed in 2006 next to the Institute of Culture and Arts. It is the first statue of the great Chuvash poet in the capital of republic. The author is Nagornov, a sculptor.

26 Entuziastov Str.
Memorial 'Glory to winners in the Great Patriotic War'
A marble memorial to commemorate those who fighted in the Great Patriotic War 1941-1945.

49 Novoillarionovskaya Str.
Bust of Gennady Shichko
A monument to Gennady Shichko (1922-1986), a creator of the method of deliverance from drug addiction. The monument was installed by a colleague of the scientist, Oleg Kirienko, in May 2018 near the narcological dispensary of Cheboksary.
6 Pirogova Str.
Memorial to Guzovsky
A monument to Bronislav Guzovsky (1860-1914), a scientist, arborist, who made a lot to preserve oak forests of Chuvashia, is located next to the entrance to a grove, named after this man.

2 Yadrinskoe Shosse
Memorable Stone
A modest marble memorial was installed in 1992, on the day of 25th anniversary of Chuvash University, as a sign of friendship between students of all nationalities.

38 Universitetskaya Str.
Bust of Igor Petrikov
A bust of a hero of Russian Federation, Igor Petrikov (1966-1995), lost in Chechnya, was installed according to the idea and on expenses of an honored builder of the Chuvash Republic, Nikolay Ugaslov.
10A Universitetskaya Str.
Bust of Gleb Ilyenko
A bust of the first director of the Cheboksary Instrument-building Plant is located at the cross of Ilyenko Street and Privolzhsky Boulevard.

8A Ilyenko Str.
Mass Grave of warriors, passed
away in Cheboksary hospitals
during the war 1941-1945
A marble memorial to commemorate those, who were wounded during the war of 1941-1945 and passed away in hospitals of Cheboksary, is installed next to the entrance of the city cemetery No.1.
42A B.Khmelnitskogo Str.
Memorial to the victims of political repressions
A memorial made of marble and stone to commemorate victims of political repressions of 20th century. It was created by the Specialized Administration of Painting and Finishing Works according to the project of Stroykov, an architect.
42A B.Khmelnitskogo Str.
Monument to Cheboksary Plumbing
There is an unusual monument near the entrance of 'Vodokanal' building, dedicated to plumbing. It is a large decommissioned gate valve. The monument was installed on the 75th anniversary of water supply system in Cheboksary.

12 Myasokombinatsky Proezd
Memorial in the park near the plant n.a. Chapayev
A sculpture of two soldiers with weapons and a banner in their hands was installed to commemorate heavy burden of the war our country was going through in 1941-1945.
1A Kollektivnaya Str.
Statue of a plumber
A jokey sculpture of a plumber, a vital specialist. A funny man in a boilersuit with instruments in his hand watches passersby, leaning out from a sewer hatch.

41 Fruktovaya Str.
Bust of Svyatoslav Fedorov
A monument to a great ophthalmologist, Svyatoslav Fedorov, a founder of the clinic 'Microsurgery of the eye'. He was the first in the USSR to make a surgery of replacing the lens in 1960. The author is Nagornov, a sculptor.
10 Traktorostroteley Prospekt
Bust of Sergey Korolev
A monument to commemorate Korolev (1907-1966), a scientist, constructor of rocket and space systems, academician of Academy of Sciences of the USSR, is located at the beginning of the street named in his honor.
1 A.Koroleva Str.
Memorial 'Eternal memory to the soldiers, lost on battlefields'
Another military monument to commemorate all soldiers lost in action. The memorial is situated near the school No.53.

74 Len.Komsomola Str.
Statue of Nikola Tesla
There is a monument to Nikola Tesla next to the All-Russian Scientific Research Institute of Relay Engineering to commemorate a scientist, engineer, physicist, whose inventions went far ahead the time.

4 I.Yakovleva Str.
'Rose of love'
Symbolic bronze sculptor 'Rose of love' actually depicts a cabbage, where a newborn baby lies in. It's not a stork, who brings babies to Russians, we find them in cabbage. The sculpture is located in the yard of maternity hospital No.3.
18 Traktorostroiteley Prospekt
Monument to the first serial tractor
Since 1975 there is a tractor plant working in Cheboksary. This is the reason for the monument to the first tractor produced serially, located on one of the streets of the Chuvash capital.

99K Traktorostroiteley Prospekt (on the roundabout)
Tank T-34
A real tank of the Great Patriotic War enriches one of the streets of Novoyuzhny district in Cheboksary. It was installed to commemorate tankmen, who participated in the war.

20 I.Yakovleva Prospekt
Statue of a janitor with a cat
A statue of a janitor-woman was installed by the trust company 'Etker'. There is a street cat next to her lags.

69Б Traktorostroiteley Prospekt
There is a statue of loom on a metal pedestal, when entering Cheboksary - a trademark of the 'Tekstilmash' enterprise.
7K Marposadskoe Shosse
Bust of Alexey Kuklev
There is a monument to Alexey Kuklev (1927-2007), a director of the plant 'Chuvashkabel' from 1973 to 1985, next to the entrance of the plant.
7 Kabelny Proezd
Monument to Nizami Ganjavi
One of the streets of the Chuvash capital is named after a 12th-century classic of Persian poetry, Nizami Ganjavi. There is a bust of the eastern romantic poet on this street, installed on a pedestal of black granite under a marble arch. The author is an Azerbaijani sculptor, Omar Eldarov.

25Г Nizami Str.
Bust of Ivan Yakovlev
A bust of the Chuvash enlightener, Ivan Yakovlev, is installed on a green granite pedestal. There is a granite stone to the right of the monument with the words of a patriarch in the Russian and Chuvash languages: "Believe in Russia, love it and it will become your mother!" The authors are Zotikov and Ksenofontov.

2/3 9 Pyatiletki Prospekt
Flora of Chuvashia
There is a figure of a woman in traditional clothes greeting people next to the entrance of the Botanical Garden. Initially it was meant to be the second version of the sculpture by Cherepanov 'A woman with flowers', which was created specially for the Art Museum. It was supposed to be melted, but the sculpture was saved and finally found its place.

31 I.Yakovleva Prospekt
Monument to the soldiers of the
Far East
The monument was installed next to the school No.3 to commemorate the soldiers, who defeated fascist Germany and militaristic Japan in the Far East.

9 R.Zorge Str.
Monument to Nikita Bichurin, an orientalist
A monument to an orientalist and missionary, born in Chuvashia, Nikita Bichurin, is located on the street named in his honor. The figure is installed on a pedestal with his name and dates of life carved on it.
11 Bichurina Str.
Statue of Lenin on the territory of 'Tekstilmash'
There is another monument of Lenin, located on the territory the Cheboksary enterprise 'Tekstilmash'. The figure of 'the leader of the world proletariat' is installed on a high marble pedestal.
1 Mashinostroiteley Proezd
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