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Cheboksary travel guide

Cheboksary is a city on the right side of the Volga River. Shupashkar, a Pearl of the Volga Region, a capital of Chuvashia, a homeland of a celebrated Russian soldier Vasily Chapayev and of a cosmonaut Andriyan Nikolayev - our city has many definitions. Two cultures, two names, two languages. Cheboksary today is a city, where history and present are merged together. Russian and Chuvash culture interweave in a peculiar pattern. Unique monuments and museums, national festivals and holidays - you will definitely find something interesting to see and to experience here.

We've got to know the city inside out, have learned its history and we are keeping pace with the best events in the town. We are happy to share the information with you!

Distance between cities:
Founded: 1469 AC

Population: more than 500 000 people (as for the 1st January 2017)

Area: 250

Sister cities: Grodno (Belarus), Eger (Hungary), Rundu (Namibia), Antalya (Turkey), Santa Clara (Cuba).
Nizhny Novgorod
650 km
246 km
158 km
240 km



Get in

Cheboksary is located on the right side of the Volga River. The nearest towns are Yoshkar-Ola, Kazan, Ulyanovsk, Nizhny Novgorod.

You can easily get here. It is a two-hour way from Kazan and a three-hour way from Nizhny Novgorod. The best route from Moscow is the highway M7. Being lucky about traffic jams, you may get to Cheboksary less than in 10 hours.
By train
There are two trains to Cheboksary departing daily from Moscow Kazansky railway Station: train №054Г and train №142Г. Prices for a sitting place start from ₽ 738, for the 3-class open sleeping from ₽ 1291. Quite often discounts are offered for 2-class and 1-class sleeping compartments, if you buy tickets beforehand. Updated information you can find at the official website of Russian Railways. For online purchase you need to register at the website.

Another option is to take a train ticket to Kanash, a town located at a major railway junction 76 km away from Cheboksary. This station is connected with major directions of Russia, such as Ural, Siberia and Far East. Trains are coming very often. The only disadvantage is its remoteness from Cheboksary; the road will take one hour by taxi or local bus.

The way from Moscow to Cheboksary by train takes about 12 hours. Trains depart late in the evening. Thus you can have a good sleep in a comfortable Russian train at night and get started with Cheboksary the next morning.

Railway Station

Privokzalnaya Str.1

+7 (8352) 39-19-00
+7 (8352) 39-18-50 (ticket window)

By plane
If you are planning to stay in Cheboksary just for a few days, then we recommend you to come by plane in order to save your time for the rest. There are direct flights from Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Ufa. Timetable and prices check here (in Russian only).

Flights from Moscow depart in the morning from Sheremetyevo Airport and in the evening from Vnukovo Airport. The flight takes 1,5 hour. Mind the time for check-in and the road to and from the airport.
Cheboksary Airport:
Skvortsova Sq. 1

+7 (8352) 30-11-10
+7 (8352) 30-11-11

By bus
Cheboksary has a bus connection with many Russian towns, from Saratov to Penza. Timetable and prices check here (in Russian only).
Cheboksary Central Bus Station
Prospekt Mira 78

+7 (8352) 287 843
+7 (8352) 566 408

By car
You may also reach the capital of Chuvashia by car. Federal roads cross the city:

  • The M7, also known as the Volga Highway (Moscow - Nizhny Novgorod - Cheboksary - Kazan);
  • The A151 (Tsivilsk - Ulyanovsk);
  • The P176, Vyatka Highway (Cheboksary - Yoshkar-Ola - Kirov - Syktyvkar).

The road from Moscow takes about 10 hours. The route can be easily found on Google Maps.
Hitchhiking or Carsharing
Hitchhiking is quite functional in Russia, and some travellers use this method to get to Cheboksary as well. Drivers are friendly, but it may be not so easy to cross several towns at once.

We recommend you to use carsharing services, such as Blablacar. Everyday you can find a suitable car for reasonable price. Choose the date, reserve your seat and confirm with a driver a pick up place. It is better to book a trip in a day or two beforehand. Almost in all cases it will be 20-30% cheaper than a bus or a 3-class train ticket.

Public transport in the city

You can get around Cheboksary by bus, by trolleybus and marshrutka (a form of share taxi, that uses minibuses).

The trolleybus fare is ₽ 18 (€ 0,25), bus and marshrutka - ₽ 23 (€ 0,31). When changing routes or means of transport you have to pay again.
There is also a kind of city pass for public transport in Cheboksary, called ETK (Unified Transport Card). The deposit is ₽ 50 (€ 0,7). The card gives you a two-rouble discount, that is less than 3 euro cents. Buying it for a one-time trip doesn't make much of the sense.

To navigate around the city feel confident to use such apps as Google Maps and Yandex.Transport (Russian analogy that supports English language). These services will allow you to create a route using public transport fast and easy. Apart from these you may also find 2GIS and quite useful apps.


One of the most comfortable means of transport stays taxi. A 5-km ride will cost you about ₽ 100 (€ 1,5). During rush hours the price may be twice higher, it depends on the particular taxi rates. You can always use city taxi (see the list with contact number here) or federal services, such as Yandex.Taxi or Gett.

Usual price for a taxi from the airport to the city is around ₽ 450-500 (€ 7), about 20 minutes ride.

If you stay in the centre of the city, you might not need any transport to visit most places of interest, as they are concentrated in walking distance from one another.


There are about 15 hostels in Cheboksary. The average cost is ₽ 500 per night (€ 7).

The Wings Hostel (Kombinatskaya Str.5, app 6) - a chain of hostels in Kazan and Cheboksary. It is located in historical part of the city, not far from the Victory Park, 900 metres from the Volga River. The Wings Hostel in Cheboksary is a three-room apartment of 107 sq.m. for 12 guests maximum. There is a parking place allocated for three cars.
The Shanti Hostel (Krasina Str.2/90). The name of the hostel comes from Sanskrit and is translated as "inner peace". One can find the peace in Cheboksary not far from Moskovsky Prospekt, the main thoroughfare of the city. The hostel can accommodate 20 guests at a time. There is a separate dormitory for men, another for women with the capacity of 6 pax each, a 4-bed mixed dormitory and a separate family room. Common areas are kitchen, lobby and a library.
The Filippov Hostel (Yaroslavskaya Str.30). It is said to be one of the most popular hostels in Cheboksary. The place offers 12-pax mixed dormitory and 8-pax dormitories separate for men and women. One night will cost you ₽ 550 (€ 7). The hostel also offers a Standard room for ₽ 1490 per night (€ 21) and a Luxe with the river view for 1890 per night (€ 26).
Check other hostels here.


For more comfortable staying book a room in a hotel. Our recommendations:

The Respublika Apart-hotel (Yaroslavskaya Str.27), located in the very centre of the city. Instead of standard rooms the hotel offers luxury apartments with small kitchen equipped and a separate bedroom. Reservation for one day and even several months is possible. Respublika is a perfect place for rest and business occasions.
The Mayak (Ploshad Rechnikov 3). The name of the hotel literally means 'lighthouse'. The only lighthouse hotel in Russia is situated here, in Cheboksary, in the area of the river port. A breathtaking view over the Volga River and historical part of the city spreads out from the windows.
The Manor House (Sespelya Str.17). This property is located near the Volga River in the house of a merchant Efremov (a historic building of 18th century). Furnishing transmits the atmosphere of Russian merchants society. Rooms have a panoramic view over the bay, the most popular gathering place in the town.
See other hotels of the city following the link.

Airbnb Apartments

Airbnb is a budget choice for staying in Cheboksary. A studio apartment in the centre of the city will cost you ₽ 900-1500 (€ 20-30). Current offers with photos and prices check at the official website.


There is also an opportunity to stay in Cheboksary using Couchsurfing social network. You will find hospitable locals, who may invite you to stay in their house, show you the city and would love to have some fun together. What can be better than a local as a tour guide?
Cultural events
One can often hear that Cheboksary is a cultural capital of the Volga Region. A lot of facts support this title.


Chuvashia is said to be 'the region of hundred thousand embroideries'. Visit the Chuvash Embroidery Museum to learn more about it (Karla Marksa Str.32). Bright colors of patterns on clothes, Chuvash finery, mobile exhibitions - the museum collection is quite rich. A map-tapestry with woven districts and villages of Chuvashia of 1930s and finery in 'Silver Pantry' stand out among other beautiful handicrafts. General exposition is open for public from Tuesday to Saturday from 10am to 6pm, ticket price is ₽ 50 (€ 0,7). The hall 'Silver Pantry' works from Wednesday to Saturday from 11am to 4pm, a guided tour is offered every hour. Common price to visit both halls is ₽ 100 (€ 1,5), preferential rate is ₽ 50 (€ 0,7).
We highly recommend you to visit the Science and Technology Museum of the History of the Tractor (Mira Avenue 1). Inside you can touch all the exhibits: American Fordson or Soviet Universal designed in 1920s, Stalinets-60 and 65 or any other of forty rare tractors. Unique machines manufactured by the Cheboksary Factory of Industrial Tractors are also represented in the museum. Ticket price is ₽ 100 (€ 1,5) for adults, ₽ 50 (€ 0,7) for students and ₽ 40 (€ 0,6) for kids.
There are three museums of beer in Russia: in Moscow, Saint Petersburg and Cheboksary (6 Efremov Boulevard). Our museum is located in the centre of the city. The waymark is the restaurant Old City ('Stary Gorod'). Beer is considered to be a national drink of Chuvash people. Eighty percent of Russian hop is cultivated in the Chuvash Republic. Here you will learn the history of brewing, see the exhibits of three halls and even taste some samples. Ticket costs ₽ 50 (€ 0,7), another ₽ 50 is charged for photoshooting.
Eager to see and try on a fire suit? To get into a fire engine or ring the bell? Then don't miss a chance to visit the Museum of Fire Prevention (37 Karla Marksa Str.).
The Chuvash National Museum, the Chuvash State Art Museum and the Chapaev Museum are also worth visiting.
Exhibitions in the Chuvash National Museum are dedicated to the nature of the region, archeological and paleontological finds, the history of Chuvash people from the ninth century. The museum is open for public from 10am to 6pm from Tuesday to Sunday. Ticket price is ₽ 150 (€ 2) for adults and ₽ 70 (€ 1) as a preferential rate. The main building is located in the centre of the city. There are also six branches in the town: the Literature Museum named after Ivanov, the Museum of Sespel (a Chuvash poet), the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and others.

The Chapaev Museum Complex (Lenina Prospect) consists of the Square named after Chapaev, the museum itself, the monument of the legendary soldier and the family house. The house was built by the father of Chapaev. The museum is easily recognised by the bar-relief decorated with a cavalry with sabres rushing into attack. Descendents of Chapaev took active part in creation of the complex. Today his great-granddaughter is managing the place. Ticket price is ₽ 120 (€ 1,7) for adults and ₽ 60 (€ 0,8) for students. A guided tour is charged extra ₽ 60 (€ 0,8) per person. Learn the history of the celebrated Russian soldier and his part in the Civil War of 1917-1922, have a walk around the square enjoying fresh air and take rest at a bench watching passersby.
The Art Gallery (4 Konstantina Ivanova Str.) is located in the building of the beginning of the 20th century. Initially the house belonged to the merchant Efremov, a famous local who supported development of arts and science. Visit the museum for aesthetic pleasure. You will find artworks of Levitan, Vrubel, Korovin, Kustodiev, Kuindzhi and Serebryakova here, some of the exhibits are originals. The gallery is open from 10am to 6 pm from Tuesday to Sunday. At summer it works until 7pm. Entrance ticket costs ₽ 75 (€ 1).


Enrich your cultural experience with a theatrical performance. There is a choice of theatres in Cheboksary: the Opera and Ballet Theatre, the Chuvash Drama Theatre, the Russian Drama Theatre, the Chuvash State Philharmonic, the Puppet Theatre and several chamber theatres. Enjoy performances of local repertoire or touring teams in Cheboksary. Follow the updates of the program at official websites or here.

Art galleries and exhibitions

Get inspired with the works of contemporary art artists in the Contemporary Art Center (Prezidentsky Boulevard 1/15). Treat yourself to some souvenirs: postcards, magnets or trinkets, and enjoy your walk along the city embankment afterwards.

To enjoy the exhibition center 'Raduga' (Elmenya Str.4a) go to the southwest of the city. The place is definitely worth visiting. Local representatives will guide you from hall to hall. The first one, with beautiful carved arches, peculiar decor and stained glass, is dedicated to cultural relations between Russia and India. Samples of arts and crafts, musical instruments, traditional Indian costume, books and handmade dolls are exhibited inside. Сorrespondence between Russian classic Leo Tolstoy and Mahatma Gandhi attracts special attention. Another hall is a branch of the Virtual Russian Museum; it is an integration of art and modern technologies. More than 400 000 artworks of the Russian visual arts in augmented reality.

Creative spaces

The creative space Polygon keeps its finger on the pulse of contemporary art (16 Ivana Franko Str.). Open lectures and workshops, film screening with participation of special guests from other towns take place here.

The Workshop of Two Sisters (Prospekt Lenina 7) is a coffee shop and creative space in one place. Interested to take a cooking class of homemade chocolate or cupcakes, to learn embroidery or painting? Then join one of the workshops booking in advance.

The Youth Center Mayak (Guzovskogo Str.11) is a creative space with exhibitions and workshops, discussions and lectures, poetry reading and literary evenings arranged. Mayak is translated as 'a lighthouse' from Russian; quite a suitable name for a place which leads educational projects inside of the library.


They say that the best rest is not lazy lying on a coach but change of activity. What can be better than a walk in the park after a day full of impressions.

The closest to the city centre is Nikolaev Kids Park. There is a cafe with kids menu, a playground, a mini-zoo where you can feed animals in the park. Ticket price for machines, such as merry-go-rounds, trampolines and others starts from ₽ 40 (€ 0,5). At winter time enjoy your skating on the rink. In a walking distance from the Kids Park another park is situated, Lakreevsky Forest. It is named after a landlord who owned this land in former times. You will find a free area equipped for picnics here. The Victory Park is worth visiting for a picturesque view to the old town and the river spreading out from the top.

Apart from the parks, natural forests in the town are also popular among locals: Berendeevsky, Obikovsky, Guzovsky Grove. To enjoy fresh air, to feed squirrels or birds you can also visit the Botanical Garden. Take a guided tour to learn more about open ground plants, it will cost you just ₽ 30-50 (€ 0,3-0,5).

Places of interest

Start your sightseeing with the main streets of the city. For example, with Composers Vorobievy Street. Some people call it local 'Arbat'. However in spite of abundance of souvenir shops and kiosks, the street is not so huge and musicians are seldom met. But photo shooting promises to be quite bright here. For one more funny picture in your collection don't miss a sculpture of Ostap Bender and Pussy Vorobyaninov, famous Russian fictional con mans who appeared in the novels The Twelve Chairs and The Little Golden Calf written by soviet authors Ilya Ilf and Evgeny Petrov.
Ostap took out the guide-book and consulted it. "Fromall accounts it's Cheboksary. I see: 'Let us note the pleasantly situatedtown of Cheboksary.' "Do you really think it's pleasantly situated, Pussy?'At the present time Cheboksary has 7,702 inhabitants' "Pussy! Let's give upour hunt for the jewels and increase the population to 7,704. What about it?It would be very effective. We'll open a 'Petits Chevaux' gaming-house andfrom the 'Petits Chevaux' we'll have une grande income.
The symbol of the city is the Mother Patroness Monument. Being 46 metres high it is quite impressive and recalls the Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. The monument is easily accessible: go down the street of Composers Vorobievy, reach the embankment, cross the Volga by the pedestrian bridge and here you are.
In Red Square of Cheboksary you will find 'The symbol of Wisdom', a granite slab 2x3 metres of the size and 7 tons of the weight brought from Karelia. 53 brass characters of ancient Chuvash symbols are represented on the monument; their definition in Russian and Chuvash is given.
To see other tourist attractions it is better to use public transport or go by taxi.

The monument in honour of the cosmonaut Andriyan Nikolayev is located next to dwelling houses on Nikolayev Street.
The history of the region is much related to Ivan Yakovlev, who put together a new Chuvash alphabet. A monument to the Chuvash enlightener, educator and writer is located in front of the National Library.

Historical buildings

A scientist and a traveller Johann Gottlieb Georgi visited the town in 1774. He wrote: "Thirteen beautiful stone churches, four monasteries and some impressive houses of merchants make the town look really nice".
A lot has changed since then. After the construction of the Cheboksary Dam part of the old buildings were buried under the water. A few ones that left untouched are definitely worth your attention. The old detention house, for instance, was built in 1885 and served to keep prisoners. The First Farmacy of Cheboksary is almost 150 years old, find it in the historical part of the city. In the same area you will see the Peasant's House of 1927, a theological school is located inside nowadays. The building is a part of the Holy Trinity Monastery.
As for the houses of merchants, not much of them left, because during the construction of the Cheboksary Dam churches and monasteries were preferable to save. Nowadays the list of orthodox churches in Cheboksary is quite huge: the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral, the Dormition of the Mother of God Church, the Holy Trinity Orthodox Monastery, Archangel Michael Church, St. John of Kronstadt Temple, the Resurrection Church, Lord's Transfiguration Monastery, the Intersection and St.Tatiana Cathedral, the Nativity Chapel.
The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral is considered to be the main temple of the city. The construction project was submitted at times of Ivan the Terrible (16th century), the stone building was finished in the middle of 17th century. Dormition of the Mother of God Church decorated in baroque mixed with elements of old Russian style is located in the estuary of the Cheboksarka river. To save the building during the flood, caused by the construction of the Cheboksary Dam, first floor was covered with sand and concreted. Thus first floor became underground floor. The Resurrection of Jesus Church is situated near the river port, built in 1758. An example of modern church architecture. The Intersection and St.Tatiana Cathedral of 2001, is just next to Guzovsky Park.

Our travel city guide has outlined the highlights of tourist attractions in Cheboksary, but it is hardly everything. For deeper understanding we recommend you to take a guided tour around the city. There is a great choice of them in Cheboksary, even motor ship journeys if you like. See the list of possible tours below:

  • Introduction to the historical part of the city;
  • Walking tour around the centre of the Chuvash capital;
  • The route following footsteps of Pushkin is created to see Cheboksary as the great Russian poet once did;
  • The route for those who arrive by train or finds himself not far from the railway station;
  • Sightseeing of tourist attractions in the style of Soviet constructivism;
  • Big walking tour to see most of the city attractions.
If you are not a great fan of walking, then take a trolleybus sightseeing tour.


The "Bufet" (Gagarina Str. 16A) is a 24-hour service cafe of European kitchen. Interesting design with panoramic windows and forged furniture and attentive service makes it a true pleasure to have a meal any time of the day. For reasonable price you can try pasta or grilled salmon. We also suggest you trying a speciality of the place - himandero, 450 ml of milk with coffee for ₽ 115 (€ 1,6).
The Moloko Bar (Moskovsky Avenue 3). In the name it is said 'bar', but actual menu offers restaurant dishes. It is light and very cozy inside. Local desserts is a must to try! Order biscotti or almond cake with a teapot of 'tea without tea'. Afternoon tea with mouth-watering piece of cake is a good choice after sightseeing.
To try dishes of 'healthy Soviet kitchen' visit the Khochy Pelmeni cafe (Karla Marksa Str.31A). Traditional food, such as pelmeni and vareniki (dumplings of Russian cuisine), served with a sauce, sour cream or dipped in bouillon is worth ordering double, as you will definitely like it.
To find a cafe to your taste follow the link.


The Carlsson Restaurant is located on the 11th floor of a business centre. 'The highest restaurant in the city' - slogan of the Carlsson. It is a perfect place to enjoy your meal with a panoramic view to the city.
The Toro Rosso (Gagarina Str.34) is famous for its steaks. The restaurant maintains the quality of a good steakhouse and serves steak with wine, cooking meat in special oven Josper. There are more than sixty dishes in the menu to your choice. Apart from beef and pork you will find poultry, fish and seafood in the list.
The Dacha (Universitetskaya Str.52) is a piece of home cosiness in the busy city.
Contact details and selected choice of menu in other restaurants you can find here.

Fast Food and Snacks

The first rule of buying fast food in unfamiliar place is to search for a shop full of locals. Apart from the well-known McDonald's and the Burger King there are a lot of other places beloved by citizens. For instance, the Smak (Konstantina Ivanova Str.91 and 12 more locations around the city); it is a chain of 'supermarkets of homemade food'. It is worth buying national baking (khuplu) and stuffed homemade pies here.

For fresh and hot bakery visit the Dobropek Bakery, the Zhar Svezhar or the First Bakery. Each one of them has several locations in the town, use Google Maps or 2GIS to find the nearest. There is a 20-30% discount in most of the bakeries, if you buy after 7 or 8pm.
There is also a choice of burger shops in Cheboksary. Among others we highlight the Burger Bar Katleta and the Today (Karla Marksa Str. 31).

In the Wilco Bar (Nikolaeva Str. 29A) you can have gyro and shawarma 24/7. Shawarma and doner are served in many other places around the city.
Get charged with a bit of caffeine and order a cup for take away in one of the dozens of coffee shops:

  • The DonDonuts, a local chain of eight coffee shops around Cheboksary, where you can treat yourself with delicious donuts with various fillings inside.
  • The Penka (Komsomola Str. 21A), pastries and coffee inside the Madagaskar shopping mall. Happy hours are quite often here, when you can save on both on a drink and pastries.
  • The CoffeeLike is a popular chain of coffee shops, that came to us from Izhevsk. Coffee, tea and seasonal drinks are served here. A shop at the bus stop 'Dom Torgovli' on Karla Marksa Street is open from 7am till 11pm - come here for early morning and late evening coffee.
  • The NewYork Coffee (Leningradskaya Str. 27) is located in the city centre next to the bay. It is an anti-café, where you pay for the time spent rather than for a serving. Unlimited amount of beverages and variety of snacks is served here.
Some of the coffee shops have a customer loyalty program. For example, in the DonDonuts and the CoffeeLike every sixth cup of coffee is free, and in the NewYork Coffee there is a 25% discount for take away on Wednesdays. Promotions is a subject to be changed at any time, please, ask in advance.

National cuisine

Chuvash cuisine is similar to the cuisine of the Volga Region nations. For example, Tartar Triangle or echpochmak is an analogy to Chuvash khuplu, triangular pastry filled with minced meat, onion and potato.

From time immemorial Chuvash people have been cooking meat and offal soups and pottages (chorba), porridges (yaksha), pies and snacks. Sightseeing would be not completed without trying a dish of national Chuvash cuisine. See the list of recommended places below:

  • The Bear's Corner Care&Bar (Pirogova Str. 1T). Shartan, a meaty snack, chorba, a soup cooked from offals, and khuplu (analogy to Tartar echpochmak, a pie stuffed with meat and potatoes) are served here.
  • The Yekhrem Khushcha (Efremov Boulevard 10), a restaurant of haute cuisine, where you can try mutton shartan, homemade cheese chokot and a salad of fresh local products.
  • The Chalet Lounge Bar (Maksima Gorkogo Avenue 26). Don't be confused with the French name - there is a choice of Chuvash dishes in the menu, such as chorba soup, Chuvash sausages and others.


Clubs and Bars

The SK Bar (Karla Marksa Str. 47A), a rock-cafe, a bar and a concert hall in one. Drop in to listen to the music of local and invited bands.

The Close Bar (Composers Vorobievy Str. 16). The bar represents itself as a 'members only' place. Beer, tequila, rum, vermouth, tinctures and liqueurs are served here. Hookah lovers check a special 'smoke menu'.

The Boroda (Efremov Boulevard 16) is one of the best craft bars in the city. Reasonable prices, spacious room, snacks and beverages make it a good choice to have some fun in a company.

Follow the link to learn more.


Singing is a good way to relax, cheer yourself up and finish a day in major key. If you love singing, we suggest you visiting the Roof Lounge Bar (Composers Vorobievy 5A), the Dacha Restaurant (Universitetskaya Str.52) and the Chaykhana Khiva (Kheveshskaya Str .34A). Each one is well equipped, has good acoustics and soundproofing, so that you don't have to limit yourself.


You can watch the latest new movies on a big screen in cinemas of shopping malls: the Cinema-5 (the MTV-centre), the Three Penguins (the Madagaskar), the Kinogalaktika (the Kaskad or the Volzhsky shopping mall). To add to them we have the Luxor and the Sespel cinemas, that are located in separate buildings.

Holidays and festivals

To come to Cheboksary is a great idea. To come to Cheboksary and join an event is even a better idea. Learn about local holidays and festival to make your trip interesting and unforgettable. It is worth staying informed of events in any case, for example if you prefer to avoid noisy crowds, choose another dates for your visit.

The Fireworks Festival takes place on the Day of Republic. Enjoy the show on the bay of the city. Various teams from Russia and abroad compete with one another. Fireworks are of the local production by the way.

Music festivals, such as Strawberry Fields, Sursky Rock, Steel Eggs of Chapay last several days and take place on the other side of the Volga River.
Cheboksary also hold events of a national level: Springs of Russia, the Sax Festival, Shadows of our Ancestors, the poetic festival GolosA, the Opera Festival, the Chuvash Film Festival Asam, Night of Art.

A very special cultural event in the city is the International Ballet Festival. Since 1997 on the stage of the Opera and Ballet Theatre the best Russian and foreign dancers demonstrate their mastery.

There are many youth festivals in the city as well. Chebicon (Cover Championship in Cheboksary) is one of them, Dreamflash, the festival of colours Holi, the youth media festival 'Volzhskiye Vstrechi'.

Seasonal activities

Don't leave without visiting Moskovskaya Embankment. In wintertime a huge skating rink is made, and in summertime it is the best place for cycling, skateboarding and rollerblading.

In warm season enjoy the sun and the river at the Central Beach on Moskovskaya Embankment or at the Novoselsky Beach. The last mentioned is less crowded, but it is a long way down the stairs. To add to these two, there are another two but wild beaches: Zaovrazhny and a beach next to the Eastern Village. The fact that these beaches are not equipped does not prevent folks from coming here - on warm sunny days they are quite a lot. There are suitable places for picnics next to the Central Beach (Afanasieva Str).

With the onset of winter enjoy your skiing, skating or snowboarding in Cheboksary. And keep in mind the opportunity of visiting a swimming pool, a place of active leisure at any time of the year.


There is a choice of souvenirs in the Centre of Modern Art: postcards, magnets and trinkets - typical things of the kind. If you are looking for a special gift for you or your relatives, then check a handicraft shop and a museum at a time the 'Narodnie Promisly' Note valenki (traditional Russian winter footwear), textile dolls in traditional clothes or clay whistles covered with Chuvash ornament.

Sweets, cookies and candies by Akkond confectionery is known all over the world. The brand stores can be found in each district of the city. Caution! You are hardly to go out of the store buying nothing. Candies under the name 'Ptitsa Divnaya' are especially recommended - soft souffle under chocolate glaze is heavenly pleasure.

Balsam Parne is a legend of a local distillery. Locals add a teaspoon of this traditional herbal liqueur in tea. It warms and cheers you up. Bring a bottle of balsam from Chuvashia, follow an old tradition and treat your relatives.

In a grocery store you can buy Chuvash beer and kvass (a traditional non alcoholic beverage). The taste is fine but not pretentious. The drinks are produced at local brewery and doesn't cost much.
Life hacks

Gifts to bring

  • Sweets by Akkond confectionery;
  • Beverages by Buket Chuvashii;
  • Balsam Parne;
  • Shartan, a traditional Chuvash product of local meat-packing plants;
  • Textile by Cheboksarsky Trikotazh (a local textile fabric).

Interesting facts

Planning a trip to the city, it is worth learning some historical facts.

The official date of the city foundation is considered to be 1469, this is the date of the first mention of the place in written sources. But scientists favour earlier dates. The Doctor of Historical Science Dimitriev writes: "We managed to find out that on the huge map of Venetians Francis and Dominique Pitsigani of 1367 and on the third map of the Atlas of Catalina of 1375 on the place of Cheboksary an image of a city without name was drawn. On the map of 1459 compiled by Fra Mauro for the Portuguese King Alfons the Fifth on the basis of earlier maps the city of Veta-Suar (from Chuvash: Vata Savar, which means 'Middle Suvar') was located on the place of Cheboksary".

A Russian author and social critic Alexander Radishchev in his diary about the journey to Siberia notes:

"The tatars, the Cheremis, the Chuvash settle on ruts and dales, the Russians - on a mountain. The Chuvash and the Cheremis have black huts, but the air is much healthier inside than the air inside the Russian huts... The Chuvash and the Cheremis Starosta (a Slavic term, means a kind of administrator of the assets of the society) works through the whole week and have to send and please visitors; others like the Votyak have only day-time Starosta… Votyak women are ugly. Votyak people sing while riding like Russian coachmen. Their mood more tends to cheerfulness than to sorrow. The Chuvash women are very good looking…"
The capital of Chuvashia is mentioned in famous Soviet animated film 'Gena the Crocodile and Cheburashka'. There is a scene in the film when the Crocodile Gena is searching for the word 'Cheburashka' in a dictionary, naming 'Cheboksary' among other words.

For many travellers a visit to Cheboksary turns out to become unexpected discovery.

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