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Information about Cheboksary

Cheboksary is a beautiful sunny city on the west coast of the Volga River in the Volga Upland. According to some archaeological researches, the city used to be the territory of a Bulgarian- Chuvash settlement in 13th-14th centuries. Since 1992 Cheboksary has been known as the capital of Chuvash Republic.

Cheboksary is a part of Volga Federal District and Volga-Vyatka economic region. The city is regularly nominated as one of the most comfortable and livable cities of Russia. It is not only the administrative Chuvash centre but also the industrial, cultural, scientific one.

Area: 250,87 square km
Vehicle registration code: 21


Cheboksary occupies approximately 25,000 hectares. The population of Cheboksary amounts to 491,300 citizens. The two main ethnic groups are the Chuvash and Russians, accounting for 62% and 34% correspondingly. Most of citizens are Orthodox Christians.


Climate in Cheboksary is mild and favorable.

Snowy, moderately cold.
Average temperature: -11°C

Warm, sunny.
Average temperature: +21°C


The capital of Chuvash Republic is one of the most livable cities which was awarded a honorary title as the cleanest city with modern conveniences in the year 2001. Blossoming greenery, fresh Volga air, peace and tranquility are the reasons for tourists to love Cheboksary.
Each day one gets more convinced that Cheboksary is a truly clean city. As stated in the results of the research, which was conducted in the spring of 2016, the capital of Chuvash Republic was named as one of the greenest eco-friendly places to live.

Cheboksary did not only become one of the top 10 cities in Russia but also took the honorable 3rd place, meanwhile Moscow and St. Petersburg deserved 14th and 23rd places respectively.

It is no exaggeration to say that from the considerable height Cheboksary looks like a massive park. This city is full of greenery: several dozens of groves, gardens and shady alleys. Most of them are specially protected natural territories.
Cheboksary botanical garden
(object of federal significance)
Central park of culture and leisure Lakreevsky forest
Park of culture and leisure named after the 500th anniversary of Cheboksary
Children's Park named after Nikolaev
Pines cultivation of the year 1903
Victory memorial park
In spring air is impregnated with scents of lindens and pine needles, wind sways the poplar fluff, while summer pleases us with all kinds of flowers and greenery. In Cheboksary there are lots of places for enjoying the silence, admiring the beauty of nature and visiting considerably massive parks and forests.
Oak grove named after B.I.Guzovsky
Berendeevsky forest
Obikovsky forest


Cheboksary is the cultural capital of the Volga region. This statement can be proved in many ways. More than 20 museums are opened for all visitors, including the most unconventional cultural places such as Beer Museum, Museum of Chuvash Embroidery and Tractor's History Museum. Most tourists and citizens are especially excited about visiting the Chuvash National Museum and Museum of the well-known Chuvash hero of Civil War – Vasily Chapaev.

What is more, there are several theatres in the city: The Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater, Chuvash and Russian drama theatre, Chuvash State Puppet Theater. A significant number of national and global events which are held in Cheboksary are the evidence of the highest level of the Chuvash institutions of culture.

Places of interest

Cheboksary is the city of a great deal of local attractions. Although, the Government takes care of the historical heritage, a considerable number of modern buildings adorn the city as well. As a result, several years ago the House of Government was added to the shore of the Volga River Bay. On the other side of this Bay there are flower gardens, a summer amphitheatre and a snow-white stone staircase. Moreover, the central part of the Bay is decorated with a massive fountain.
One of the most appealing tourist attractions in Cheboksary is the Monument of Mother Patroness which is a symbol of the capital of Chuvash Republic. This monument impresses everyone by its size (the height is about 46 metres) and provides associations with the well-known Christ the Redeemer Statue in Rio de Janeiro. The path to this statue is decorated with a gorgeous bridge adorned with an amazing illumination.
Over the last decades the architectural appearance of Cheboksary has changed a lot. The modest provincial city has almost transformed into the bright, modern, luxurious one.

District division

The capital of Chuvash Republic is officially divided into 3 city districts and 1 territorial administration.
About 150 000 citizens
About 123 000 citizens
About 184 000 citizens
Each of these districts is also divided in accordance with the names of local villages and enterprises. For instance, Kalininsky district has two micro districts Agregatka and Chulochka. Leninsky district is separated into Budaika and Kommunalnaya sloboda. Finally, Moskovsky district has three micro districts: Baikonur, Novoey selo and Chapaevsky township.
Territorial administration:

Zavolzhye is the part of the city located on the left shore of the Volga River. Defined simply, it is an aggregation of small villages, sanatoriums and tourist bases. It is easy to get there by public transport or by the water tram. The Cheboksary administration is planning to build a cableway across the Volga River.

Key enterprises

The capital of Chuvash Republic is famous for its highly developed industry. These are some industrial subsectors:
Electrical & power equipment industry
Electrical & power equipment industry
Machinery industry
Machinery industry
Defense industry
Defense industry
Food industry
Food industry
Light industry
Light industry
Chemical industry
Chemical industry
Machinery industry
Light industry
Food industry
Promtractor OJSC
Cheboksary Electric Apparatus Plant (ChEAZ JSC)
Cheboksary Aggregate Works JSC
Energozapchast OJSC
Experimental Factory
Manufacturer of Electrical Measuring Instruments Electropribor JSC
Textilmash JSC
Cheboksary Factory of Cable Products Chuvash Cable OJSC
Fujikura Automotive RUS
in Cheboksary
Cheboksary Hosiery and Knitwear Factory
Cheboksary Ribbon-weaving Factory
Cheboksary Wadding Factory
AKKOND Confectionary
Cheboksary Pasta and Confectionery Factory Vavylon
Cheboksary Brewery Bouquet of Chuvashia
The Electrical & Power Equipment industry is represented by Chuvashenergo enterprise, while the defense industry involves one of the oldest companies of the city — Cheboksary production association n.a. V.I. Chapaev JSC, which producers ammunition and special chemistry.
Reviews of Cheboksary
Behind this plain name (I've always been sure that there is nothing good in Cheboksary) is hidden a real paradise. Cropped downhills, fountains, people resting on a weekday, a warm evening. Such pictures are usually used as covers for the booklets. It is not a city, it is a sanatorium.
Artemy Lebedev
It is a nice city, much better than Nizhny Novgorod in any way.
Catherine II the Great
Empress of Russia
For most Russians visiting the capital of Chuvash Republic becomes a pleasant discovery. Come here and see for yourself.
Cheboksary — is a pearl of Russia
With support from the administration of Cheboksary
[email protected], 2018
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