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15 reasons to visit Cheboksary

It is rightly said that Cheboksary is one of the most beautiful cities of the Volga Region. Located on the right side of the river, the city is the blend of ancient and modern high-rise buildings, stately monuments and statues, big green parks and small quiet alleys.

We've collected 15 reasons, why you'd better not shelve the trip to Cheboksary. Read them and start packing your bags!

1. A vast number of monuments

A vast number of monuments is the first thing that catches the eye, when you stroll in the city. Some of them are well known not only to the citizens, but to the rest of inhabitants of Russia. For example, a statue of a legendary division commander Vasily Chapayev and the Mother Patroness Monument. A figure in a black felt cloak and sheepskin hat on a rearing horse and a hospitable woman in traditional Chuvash costume are the main symbols of Cheboksary.

It is worth marking out the Mother Patroness Monument, which is associated by many with the famous statue of Jesus Christ in Rio de Janeiro. The monument impresses with its size and harmony. A woman in traditional Chuvash costume spreads out her arms, as if trying to hug the whole city and its inhabitants. A sign on the base expresses the idea of the monument: "Blessed are my children, who live in peace and love." The height of the monument together with the base is 46 metres - it is the biggest statue in the republic.

Other statues are less popular, but it doesn't make them less significant. Among others there are literary monuments (to Ostap Bender and Kisa Vorobyaninov), heart touching (to nursing mother) and unusual (to urban water supply and to a bicycle). On any route around the capital of Chuvashia you plan, you will definitely meet stone or bronze memorials on your way. These monuments make urban streets inimitable and attract interest of passersby.

2. Unique museums

There is plenty of museums in Cheboksary, and some of them are really unique. If you are interested in history, you are welcome to the Chuvash National Museum. In case you are passionate about technology, take advantage of the opportunity to visit the Tractor History Museum, the only of this kind in our country.

The last mentioned has a unique collection of old tractors, and most of the machinery is working. Don't miss a chance and take a picture of yourself driving a rare car.

The Beer Museum is 'a bait' for tourists. Interesting exposition is dedicated to the history of brewing since ancient times. A visit to the museum is always accompanied with local beer tasting sessions.

Would you like to learn more about local color? Visit the Chuvash Embroidery Museum! It is quite young, but already enjoys wide popularity. The museum workers will not only reveal secrets of national embroidery, but also will teach you some patterns. Workshops for beginners are conducted on a regular basis in the museum.

3. Ancient сhurches

Ancient religious buildings are concentrated in the historical center of the Chuvash capital. Among their number there are the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral (built in 1651) and Archangel Michael Church (1702) located on Konstantin Ivanov Street, the Resurrection Church (1763) and the Dormition Church (1758) located on the bay.

The Dormition of the Mother of God Church is the most recognisable building in Cheboksary. It has difficult fate. Within 300 years it was reconstructed several times. And after the Cheboksary Dam opening, when the Volga level had raised significantly, the ground floor was totally flooded.

The Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary Cathedral leaves a great impression. The foundations were laid by order of Ivan the Terrible, and consecrated by Gouriy, a prelate from Kazan. Inside of the temple you'll see icons of 16-17 centuries.

4. Historically rich city center

Cheboksary is younger than Nizhny Novgorod or Pskov, but it doesn't make its history less interesting. You can see a true masterpieces of ancient architecture here, major part of which is concentrated around the bay.

We strongly recommend that you take a walk to the most ancient prison in Russia located on Konstantin Ivanov Street. The building was constructed in 1648 on the place of a wooden jail, erected by personal order of Ivan the Terrible. It was reconstructed several times, but the central part has always stayed untouched. Stepan and Frol Razin were in this prison.

There are some other interesting architectural monuments in old Cheboksary. Among others there is the merchant Zeleyshchikov's mansion, built in the end of 18th century, and also so called CEC (Central Election Commission of Russia) House, which was an unofficial symbol of our capital.

Classic technics and forms reflect in numerous residential and public buildings of Cheboksary, constructed by projects of a famous Chuvash architect - Feofan Sergeev. His most impressive works are 24-apartment residential house on 28 Leningradskaya Str. (built in 1948), the Ministry of Internal Affairs House on 41 Karla Marksa Str. (built in 1952), the Chuvash Regional Preventive Council (the Russian Drama Theatre at the moment, built in 1959) on 14 Gagarina Str.

5. Chuvashia is a homeland of a legendary Russian division commander Vasily Chapayev

The village of Budayka, where Vasily Chapayev was born, used to be located on the land, which is now a part of Cheboksary. 100 years passed since the Civil War had ended, but the name of the division commander is still extremely popular among Russians. Chapay is still locals' pride of the Chuvash land, he is a local legend.

There are a patrimonial house of the family and a machine-gun carrier (a fierce weapon of the time) on the territory of the memorial to Chapayev. Sometimes housewares of the beginning of the 20th century are exhibited here, as well as authentic documents and arms. Guides narrate about the commander's comrades and their inexorable fates.

A walk along Chapayev Alley will certainly lead you to the famous statue of Vasily Chapayev, represented on a rearing horse. This expressive monument is more than half a century old. During all these years pictures of the Cheboksary statue have been repeatedly printed on posters, postcards and stamps.

6. Home town of astronauts

Chuvashia is closely associated with the topic of space exploration. Here, in a village of Mariinsky Posad district, Andrian Nikolayev was born - the third Russian astronaut. You will meet two 'cosmic' memorials in our capital - to Andrian Nikolayev and to Yuri Gagarin. If you make a short trip to Shorshely, you'll have an opportunity to visit the house-museum of the famous native of our republic.

By the way, planetarium is coming soon in Cheboksary. It will give residents and guests of Chuvashia the opportunity to become closer to stars. Grand opening is planned for the year 2018.

7. Cheboksary Bay is the heart of the city

Cheboksary Bay has become a cult place of the capital of Chuvashia since long ago. It is the most popular spot for rest and entertainment not only among the city dwellers, but also tourists.

The bay was artificially made more than 20 years ago, in 1996. Since then it has changed a lot and become more beautiful. Newly constructed embankment for transport and pedestrians was named 'A road to the Temple', it leads aside the Dormition of the Mother of God Church to the walls of the Holy Trinity Monastery.

Later on some other attractions were placed in this area. In 2003 the grandiose Mother Patroness Monument was erected, and soon it has taken top positions in the list of symbols of the republic.

Cheboksary Bay today is a spot, where important republic events and festivals, street festivities on weekends take place. Catamarans are cleaving the water, boats are gliding, park amusements for the whole family are working - it is such a pleasant place to enjoy your time!

8. Entertainments on the Volga

Cheboksary is located along the river, and thus can offer you plenty of diverse water activities. For instance, kitesurfing, windsurfing, motor boat and jet ski ride, yacht trips.

In summer time several rental offices are working in the city, offering a yacht or a launch for a small company. To plough the Volga space or to sail till the old riverbed - it's up to your choice. During the journey you can make a break for a picnic on one of the numerous islands.

Are you keen on extreme sports? Then kitesurfing is just for you. This activity does not depend on the season: in winter time you can surf on the ice, and in summer - on the water.

9. Cheboksary hydroelectric power plant

The Cheboksary hydroelectric power plant, one of the biggest in our country, attracts interest both of the residents and tourists. It is situated in Novocheboksarsk, half an hour away from the center of Cheboksary by car.

A motor road and a pavement are laid through the plant. A splendid view spreads from the bridge over the Cheboksary sea (thus people call a reservoir appeared after the river had been dammed), over the two sides of the Volga, over Cheboksary and Novocheboksarsk.

If you are eager to know the history of the dam, visit a museum, located in the building of the RusHydro company. A huge number of exhibits and miniatures are shown here, but the biggest advantage is engaging experience. You will be shown by visual demonstration how turbines generate electricity and how the spillway works.

10. The other side of the Volga

Zavolzhye, a district of Cheboksary located on the left side of the Volga, attracts tourists from all parts of our country. More than 30 recreational facilities - such as rest houses, health resorts, tourist camps, health camps for children - are located on a wide woodland territory (almost 6 thousand of hectares). Each and everyone will find something to his taste here. Hiking, horse riding, picnics, skiing races, swimming in the Volga or in a swimming pool - all conditions are created for your comfortable and active stay.

When you come here, don't miss the ethno cultural park Suvar, situated on the territory of the resort Chuvashia. It is a unique open air museum of wooden ceremonial sculpture. More than 120 works of local masters will acquaint you with the Chuvash mythology, history and symbolism.

11. National culture

Though Cheboksary looks quite modern, national color is still here. Our city is the capital of Chuvashia, a land of unique culture. The Chuvash language is heard here, folk songs are sung, national embroidery is popular.

Unique identity of this land is gently guarded, and it is reflected even in the choice of paint colors for houses, benches, public buildings. One can easily notice that the most popular are yellow, red and green. Chuvashes consider these colors to be sacred from time immemorial, they are used in clothes and embroidery.

By the way, Chuvash embroidery is rich and diverse. In ancient times people used it to decorate not only clothes, but home textiles and housewares as well. It is no surprise, that even today national embroidery is a subject of national pride. And the Embroidery Museum represents it well — collections of exemplary works with bright ornament and unique patterns are kept with great solicitude here. Local needlewomen follow the tradition of their ancestors, and sometimes they give classes of embroidery for all comers.

Dishes of national cuisine still stand high in people's esteem: kakay shurpi (an organ meat soup), shartan (cooked meats), khuplu (a pie stuffed with meat), khuran kukli (sort of dumplings). One can easily find a cafe or a restaurant, which offers national cuisine. These traditional dishes are really worth trying!

12. Fascinating panoramic views

To enjoy splendid views visit one of viewpoints in Cheboksary. For example, a hillside where the Mother Patroness Monument is situated. Breathtaking views over the historical center and the bay spread out from the Victory Park. Would you like to spend your time in enthralling way? Then make your stroll around the city kind of a quest game - try to find spots, where Cheboksary are revealed from a surprising side.

Have enjoyed enough of your time in the capital? Then it's the very moment to make a trip around Chuvashia! First of all, visit Gosudareva Gora (lit., 'her Majesty's Mountain') in Mariinsky Posad. An amazing view over the city and the Volga spreads out from this place. The unusual name comes from the 18th century, when Catherine the Great made an unplanned stop at this place, fascinated by the beauty of nature.

After Mariinsky Posad keep moving to the East towards Kozlovka. The highest point of Chuvashia - Ptichiy Polet (Bird Flight) - is situated in the village of Novorodionovka. From the height of 90 metres you'll see an impressive scene: mouths of the Anish and Ilet rivers flowing into the Volga, flood lands, forests on the side of Mari El, a chain of islands. Words are weak to describe this beauty!

13. Budget trip

A trip to Cheboksary won't make a hole in your pocket. And this is another solid argument to choose this tourist destination. The capital of Chuvashia is conveniently located almost in the center of Russia. It won't cost you much to reach the place by budget airlines Pobeda, by train or by bus.

It is easy to find a cheap hostel or a hotel here. See the contacts for booking in advance on our website.

Numerous cozy cafes for any budget along with interesting tourist attractions and affordable entertainments (including water activities) make our city attractive for tourists from all parts of the country.

14. International Festivals:
fireworks, ballet, opera, cinema

Not every city performs as a regular base for holding international events. Four festivals of such a high level take place annually in Cheboksary - fireworks, opera, ballet and film festivals. Consider the date of your trip in order to cover at least one of the mentioned.

Since 2008 the International Fireworks Festival traditionally hold on the 24th of June within the celebrations of the Republic Day. Five teams from different regions of Russia compete and demonstrate their pyrotechnical mastery. Public's reaction to a performance helps jury to define winners.

Spring is the time of the International Ballet Festival. Within the years of conducting the festival, dancers of the best theatres of Russia (including the Bolshoi Theatre and the Mariinsky Theatre) and of the USA, France, Great Britain, Switzerland, Japan, Korea, Ukraine and Moldova have brightly performed on the stage of the Chuvash Opera and Ballet Theatre. If you fond of modern ballet, come to Cheboksary for the next Ballet Festival. This event promises to become one of the most memorable in your life!

In the end of May and beginning of June the capital of Chuvashia becomes the center of modern cinematography. The Film Festival started its story in Cheboksary in 2008. Since then viewers have had an opportunity to watch hundreds of new films, to meet native and foreign film people, to enjoy old but still so beloved films.

Visit our city in autumn during the traditional Opera Festival n. a. M.D. Mikhailov, if you appreciate operatic art. Thus you will enjoy not only the beauty of our city, but also mellow voices performing famous arias.

15. Chuvashia is Russian health resort

Chuvashia is famous for its numerous health resorts of high reputation in Russia. Tourist camps, health centers, preventive healthcare clinics and other health resorts of the republic spread along the coast of the Volga. In health centers Chuvashia, Volzhanka and Volzhskie Zori, as well as in recreation camps Zaimka, Solnyshko and Rosinka you can regain your health and have a wonderful rest: swimming pool, tennis and badminton, skiing, skating and horse riding - so many activities at your disposal. Reasonable prices, high level of medical treatment and healthy environment are the main reasons why inhabitants of all regions of Russia prefer to improve their health on our welcoming land.
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