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Directory of recreation camps

Here you will find any information about the most popular recreation camps in Chuvashia: descriptions, addresses, phone numbers, websites, work schedules, maps and photos.

Recreation camps in Cheboksary

1. Tourist health complex Zaimka
The complex Zaimka is located in a convenient transport area, near Cheboksary and far away from industrial enterprises. It is built in the style of a typical Russian village. Zaimka offers high-level recreation services at very affordable prices.

There are three guest houses, real Russian baths, cozy apartments, an equestrian center, a family tavern Gulyai Pole, as well as a summer kitchen and a tea complex. Zaimka guests may taste traditional dishes of Russian national cuisine, take part in folk festivals and festivities and also get acquainted with the Russian history and culture.

Address of Tourist health complex Zaimka:
Cheboksary district, Sinialskoe settlement, Chirshkasy village, Kykshymskaya Street, 47A

+7 (8352) 388289
+7 (83540) 26602

[email protected]

2. Recreation camp Solnyshko
The hostel is located in a pine forest near the sandy left bank of the Volga River. In the shade of the pines, near the water there are two-story wooden log cabins and cottages made of brick with equipped kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms. Each guest can choose a house according to his taste.

The windows of the houses provide magnificent Volga views. It's pleasant at sunset to admire the inflated sails of the regatta, dissecting over the watery surface.

Here guests can enjoy life in the bosom of nature, feel the smoke of the fire and the resinous aroma of firs and pines. After fishing, guests may cook a delicious soup made out of their own trophies.

Address of Recreation camp Solnyshko:
Cheboksary, Zavolzhye, 62nd quarter of the Akshkyul Forest District

+7 (8352) 633199
+7 (987) 7399994
+7 (8352) 637030 (phone/fax)

[email protected]

3. Health and fitness center Rosinka
Rosinka is one of the most comfortable and modern health centers for children, a place for training and full-time recreation for athletes. Conservation areas, pines, clean sand on the summer beach, ski trails and crystal winter air, as well as amazing cuisine, service and leisure organization create a good fame to Rosinka.

The center offers: sports grounds, treadmills, a twenty-five meter swimming pool, massage and sauna. Rosinka is a great option for rest, doing sports, unforgettable celebrations or weekends. Here you can hold an anniversary, weekend with colleagues or vacation.

Address of Health and fitness center Rosinka:
Cheboksary, Zavolzhye, 61st and 62nd quarter of the Akshkyul Forest District

+7 (8352) 266116
+7 (8352) 266097
+7 (8352) 266096

[email protected]

4. Recreation camp Burevestnik
Recreation camp Burevestnik is located on the left bank of the Volga in 30 minutes drive from Cheboksary.

It offers: a cafe, 15 arbours with lighting and electricity (accommodation up to 80 people), an evening disco, a brazier, a large stage for concerts, convenient parking lot, a children's playground, showers, tables with umbrellas on the beach. Besides, guests may also play volleyball and many more other games. This is an excellent place for weddings, banquets and corporate parties.

Address of Recreation camp Burevestnik:
Sosnovka village, the opposite side of the central city beach

+7 (8352) 449807
+7 (960) 3141150
+7 (8352) 211209 (booking of arbors)

5. Recreation camp Gremyachevo
Recreation center Gremyachevo is a beautiful complex located on the bank of the Volga in the Cheboksary city. Here you can relax with friends, colleagues or with your family in the bosom of nature.

Here you are able to find comfortable, cozy houses, designed for all seasons. There is also a cafe with a huge banquet hall for 150 people, a billiard room, three halls for small companies, comfortable baths on firewood. In addition, there is are various options for outdoor activities.

Address of Recreation camp Gremyachevo:
Cheboksary, Gremyachevsky driveway, 25

+7 (8352) 228530

[email protected]

6. Recreation camp Drive
The recreation camp Drive is located in just 10 minutes drive from Cheboksary.

The center offers: excellent arbors, Russian baths, a sports ground and also a cafe and a banquet hall.

You can choose and book any of the two arbors for 20 or 40 people. The following services are also available: a brazier, a lattice, music, a karaoke, the TV set for viewing of cinema which you may bring on a flash card.

The recreation camp offers additional services, you may:
— order a banquet, as well as individual dishes and drinks in the cafe Drive;
— rent musical equipment (music center, radio tape recorder, karaoke, sound equipment);
— book any of the two Russian baths.

Address of Recreation camp Drive:
Kygesy Village, Mechanizatorov Street, 13

+7 (8352) 382130
+7 (927) 6682130

[email protected]

Working hours: 24/7

7. Recreation camp Otryv
There are sports and tactical platform with an arbor, brazier and other amenities in the recreation camp Otryv. This is all what you need for an optimal rest on a weekday or a day off. Turning to a paintball club, you can agree on a specific date for your visit, whether it's a birthday party, a corporate party or some other event.

All visitors of the paintball club are always satisfied with the rest, and positive emotions do not leave them for a long time. Here you can always hold a competition at the highest level or jog for pleasure at any time of the year.

Address of Recreation camp Otryv:
Cheboksary district, Vurman-Syukterskoye settlement, Khirkasy village

+7 (8352) 673300
+7 (902) 3273300

[email protected]

Working hours: 24/7

8. Recreation camp Prometey
Two decades ago Promtractor, PJSC built a recreation camp named Prometey on the picturesque left bank of the Volga River. It's surrounded by age-old pines, located in places of abundance of mushrooms and berries. This is the largest recreation center in the Chuvash republic. More than three hundred guests can be accommodated in cottage houses simultaneously.

The camp offers: a cozy dining room, bar service, Finnish and Russian baths with a swimming pool, sports and children's playgrounds, a rental office, library, billiard room, beach and catamarans, parking lot. The virgin nature and entertaining leisure provide cheerfulness and optimism for the whole year.

Address of Recreation camp Prometey:
Cheboksary, Zavolzhye, 65th quarter of the Akshkyul Forest District

+7 (8352) 442286 (from 8:00 AM to 9:00 PM)
+7 (8352) 307984 (Monday-Friday from 8:00 AM till 4:00 PM)

Working hours: from 08:00 AM to 9:00 PM

9. Recreation camp Belye kamny
The camp is located 65 kilometers away from the Cheboksary city, in a picturesque place, in the heart of the forest thicket, where the Volga River remained in its original form and preserved many of the islands. The camp consists of 4 three-story buildings, a large dining room, club, summer stage, laundry, medical buildings, leisure center, boiler room. There are sports grounds for playing volleyball, football, mini-football, basketball.

There is a well-groomed sandy beach and an open-air swimming pool for kids on the bank of the Volga river. All together the camp creates ideal conditions for recreation of people of different ages, professional and amateur sportsmen.

Address of Recreation camp Belye kamny:
Mariinsko-Posadsky area, Sotnikovo Village, Polevaya Street, 25

+7 (8352) 418398
+7 (8352) 492266
+7 (960) 3069371

[email protected]

Working hours: Monday-Friday from 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM, break from 12:00 PM to 1:00 PM

10. Recreation camp Dorozhnik
The center belongs to Chuvashavtodor, JSC. Dorozjnik itself consists of two-storey houses. Each of them includes a veranda with a table and brazier. There is a kitchen with dishes and necessary equipment, a TV set, several large beds in each house. There are two grocery stores near the camp. The sauna or swimming pool are also available to guests.

To date, the center offers a wide range of economy class services. Besides, the prices are lower than in the nearest sanatoriums and resorts, thus the furnishing of rooms is quite simple. However, this is an ideal place for an active summer holiday, outdoor games, trips to the Volga beach and making barbecue.

Address of Recreation camp Dorozhnik:
Cheboksary district, Sykterka Village, Glavnaya Street, 6

+7 (8352) 406001
+7 (8352) 406003

[email protected]

Working hours: from 08:00 AM to 5:00 PM

11. Recreation camp Mars
The recreation center Mars works only in the summer season. It is located at the left bank of the Volga River, near the island. This is an excellent place for fishing. There are cozy warm houses, an arbor and brazier.

Guests may rent: a tent (up to 10 people), skewers, a music center, a cauldron (10 liters), grill bars, fishing rod, spinning, chess, checkers, backgammon, darts, badminton, ball for volleyball or football, rowing or motor boat (for 4 people), a 3-person tent (with a rug, sleeping bag), a place for installing a tent, a diesel generator.

Address of Recreation camp Mars:
Zavolzhye, 60th quarter of the Pihtulin Forestry

+7 (8352) 441252

[email protected]

Working hours: summertime

12. Recreation camp Podsolnuh
The recreation camp Sunflower offers extremely cozy comfortable houses for rent. Local Russian baths on firewood helps to strengthen health and spend a pleasant time. There is a brazier for cooking shish kebab and other cuisines in the cauldron on the territory of each house.

The center is excellent for all kinds of holidays, corporate parties, private celebrations, family vacations, student parties, gatherings with friends and bath days. All houses may be rented for a day and for an hour, with or without a bath.

Check in time: at 2:00 PM and 4:00 PM.
Check out time: at 12:00 PM and 2:00 PM.
There is also a discount system.

Address of Recreation camp Podsolnuh:
Cheboksary district, Mikshi-Enzey, Lesnaya Street, 21( 1 km away from Khirkasy village)

+7 (8352) 681000
+7 (937) 9515505

[email protected]

Working hours: 24/7

13. Recreation camp Terem
The camp is located only 25 km away from Cheboksary, near the picturesque and cleanest ponds. There is a parking lot for 8 cars. Picnic lovers may cook shish kebab, pilaf or other dish in a street fireplace under a canopy. In addition, there is a spacious veranda. In the summer, lovers of outdoor activities can engage in outdoor games, swim in the cleanest pond, which is equipped with a springboard. In winter guests can skate or ski.

The houses are equipped with fire alarm. Wi-Fi is also available for guests with high-speed internet. There are convenient warm floors on the first floor. In the living room guests can arrange a karaoke party, an evening of bard songs, a disco. A kitchen has a large two-chamber refrigerator, a microwave oven with a hob.

Address of Recreation camp Terem:
Morgaushsky district, Kalmykovo Village, Kooperativnaya Street,24

Public transport: fixed-route minibus taxis No. 112, 254, 326 drive from the bus stop Roshcha to the bus stop Kalmykovo village

+7 (8352) 381035
+7 (960) 3075522

Working hours: 24/7

Recreation camps on the map of Cheboksary

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