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Hostels in Cheboksary

Prices, addresses, phone numbers and map locations of the best hostels in the city
For those guests who prefer inexpensive travelling, hostels will open their doors. It is interesting that most of the hostels abroad and in Russia are housed in apartments. In Russia, for example, a new State Standard came into force in January 1, 2015, according to which the opening of apartment-type hostels is allowed only in accordance with the requirements of this State Standard, as well as the Russian Housing Code, technical regulations, Sanitary Regulations and other normative acts specified in the State Standard.

The first modern hostel appeared in 1909 in Germany and the very first hostel in Russia was opened in 1992 in St. Petersburg. In Cheboksary this inexpensive way of placement is only evolving. Today there are 5 hostels in the city.
1. Hostel Wings
What it offers: comfortable, inexpensive and very cozy accomodations of two types: appartments with toilet, shower and kitchen and rooms with shared facilities, shared by three rooms. There is Internet, appliances, utensils.

Free of charge: microwave, kettle, washing machine, hair dryer, iron, dishes for cooking and eating, drinking water, bed linen and towels.

Prices: starting at 1000 rubles / night

Rooms: 11

Convenient for: going for a walk. Nearby there are several grocery stores, a supermarket, ATMs and some bus stops that provide transport to any part of the city and also the famous Cheboksary Jersey Factory with indecently low prices and decent quality of products. It is also convenient to get to the Federal Center of Orthopedics and Traumatology and The S.N. Fyodorov Eye Microsurgery Complex.

Collective applications for the placement of 60 people at a time are accepted. Report documents for accounting are provided: invoice + till slip.

Address of Hostel Wings: Cheboksary, Kombinatskaya Street, 5 (apartment #6)

+7 (927) 6671967

[email protected]

Wi-Fi: available

Opening hours: 24/7

2. Hostel Filippov
What it offers: individually designed rooms with comfortable beds, functional lockers and shelves, free internet, equipped kitchen, living room and separate recreation room for relaxation.

Prices: starting at 550 rubles per night for a bed in an 8-bed men's and 8-bed women's room. You can also stay in the mini-hotel Filippov Hostel, but in a 12-bed common room. The room has 6 bunk beds. Near the beds there are bedside tables, a sofa and a TV set. A shower and toilet are located next to the room.

Free of charge: all appliances, tea, coffee. Fully equipped kitchen, living room and separate relaxation room for rest.

Convenient for: visiting the main sights — the Vvedensky Cathedral, Victory Memorial Park, Mother Patroness Monument, Beer Museum, Chuvash State Opera and Ballet Theater, Chuvash State Art Museum, Chuvash National Museum, Holy Trinity Monastery, Merchant Efremov Boulevard.

Address of Hostel Filippov: Cheboksary, Yaroslavskaya Street, 30

+7 (8352) 667777

[email protected]


Skype: filippovhostel

Wi-Fi: available

3. Hostel Shanti
What it offers: cozy rooms, decorated in the style of Indian centuries-old traditions, which fill rooms with a sense of peace, tranquility and harmony.

Prices: 390 rubles per night for a bed in a 4-bed common room. Accommodation in a 6-person male or female room costs 550 rubles per night for a bed. The price for regular customers is 350 rubles per night. For long-term residents and students there are special prices: 1 month and more — 250 rubles / night, 3 months and more — 200 rubles / night.

Infrastructure: parking, free internet, kitchen with kitchenware, microwave, washing machine, TV, library and place for rest. Shower cabin with hot water, bed linen and towels are provided as well. Tea and coffee are included in the price. You may also order breakfast, lunch or dinner.

Free of charge: copier, printer, scanner, iron, ironing board, dryer, washing machine, refrigerator, microwave, electric stove, tea, coffee, hot and cold water cooler, library, guitar, backgammon.

Additional services: various excursions, hiking in nature, fishing on the Volga or a pond, seeing life in the Chuvash village.

Convenient for: visiting the bay, the city beach, Moskovskaya embankment, Orthodox churches, museums, monuments, the historic part of the city, the best youth night clubs, a DJ cafe, Georgian restaurant, movie theater.

Address of Hostel Shanti: Cheboksary, Krasin Street, 2 (Opposite the Mamma Mia pizzeria). Some navigation systems show a different address — Konstantin Ivanov Street, 90/2

+7 (902) 3281115

[email protected]



Wi-Fi: available

4. Hostel Quinta
What it offers: classically decorated rooms with bunk beds and TV sets. Quinta provides its guests with a complete set of home appliances (hair dryer, iron, washing machine, microwave oven) and offers free tea, coffee and cookies. The hostel has a shared kitchen, bathroom, free Wi-Fi and free parking. Accommodation with pets is allowed.

Prices: 400 rubles for a bed in a 8-bed room. Room for two people with a large bunk bed with a bedside table and TV set costs 500 rubles per night per person. 4-bedded room with wooden beds, a linen closet, TV set and armchair — 600 rubles per night per person.

Capacity: 2, 3, 8 places.

Free of charge: hair dryer, iron, washing machine, microwave, tea, coffee, cookies.

accommodation with children is possible.

Address of Hostel Quinta: Cheboksary, Prospect Mira, 76B

+7 (800) 7757650 — toll free calls for Russian regions
+7 (8352) 229393 — for residents of Chuvashia

[email protected]

Wi-Fi: available

Opening hours: 24/7

5. Hostel Harbin
What it offers: cozy beds, free WI-FI, bed linen, towels, slippers, tea and coffee. In addition, there is an inexpensive cafe on the ground floor of the same building. There is a parking lot as well.

Prises: starting at 500 rubles per person. The family room will cost 1200 rubles for 2 people. All the rooms are beautifully decorated and maintained clean. There are also lamps and sockets near each berth.

Free of charge: bed linen, towels, slippers, tea, coffee.

Convenient for: visiting the Museum and square of V.I. Chapaev, Lakreevsky forest and cosmonaut Nikolayev's park nearby. There is also an excellent access to all types of public transport.

Number of rooms: 4, capacity 2-10 people.

Address of Hostel Harbin: Cheboksary, Prospect Yakovleva, 1A

+7 (8352) 553241
+7 (927) 6672815
+7 (987) 6735423

[email protected]

Wi-Fi: available

Opening hours: 24/7

Hostels on the map of Cheboksary

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