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Cafes in Cheboksary

Directory of the best cafes in Cheboksary: addresses, phone numbers, locations, menus, opening hours and prices

The most popular cafes in Cheboksary

1. Medvezhy Ugol Cafe Bar
It is one of the best places in Cheboksary where you can eat delicious food and have a great time. The cafe has opened recently, in 2016, but it has already gained popularity among visitors.

The interior is rather uncluttered but it also involves elements that make this restaurant unique. For example, there are an image of a bear's head and fur placed on the evening menu.

In the evenings, there is live music played by talented bands or individual performers on a well-equipped stage. The menu offers a wide choice of European and Russian dishes for every taste, also dishes for vegetarians.

On the menu: a beans and tuna salad, goulash soup in a bread pot, beef in flavoring herbs, salmon Kiev, stewed pear with pumpkin and honey.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: not available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 1,500 – 2,000 roubles

Cheboksary, Pirogov Street, 1T
+7 (8352) 700093
Sunday – Thursday 11.00 AM – 11.55 PM, Monday – Saturday 11.00 AM – 02.00 AM

2. Limonad Lounge Cafe
This is a fairly posh cafe which is quite legitimately proud of its cuisine and cooks. Both European and Oriental cuisines are equally delicious here. The main hall can comfortably accommodate up to 100 guests. A small hall is ideal for family or romantic meetings.

An abundance of greenery provides a special charming comfortable atmosphere. Besides, there are cozy rooms for small companies or private meetings along the windows.

In addition, there is a children's room where your kid may play, have fun, watch cartoons, while you are enjoying a great evening. There you can often see incendiary performances of oriental dancers and contemporary singers of various musical genres.

On the menu: baked sturgeon, guacamole, tuna with asparagus, chicken risotto, lamb shank with mashed potatoes and mustard sauce, lobio.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available
Summer terrace: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 1,000 roubles

Cheboksary, Rechnikov Square, 1
+7 (8352) 494949
11.00 AM – 02.00 AM

3. Bufet Cafe
This small cafe, which looks like a glass box, is filled with charming light and visitors. This is a great place both for early birds and for those who prefer night gatherings as it's open 24/7. Unconventional design of the café is quite attractive. It's decorated with forged items, metal dishes, a lot of textiles, funny trinkets.

The cafe can accommodate up to 70 people at the same time. Its menu offers dishes for every taste. Here you can try pelmeni, udon noodles, treat yourself to porridge or falafel burger.

On the menu: a broccoli soup, fried Adyghe cheese salad, tabouleh with shish kebab made of chicken and vegetables, almond petit four.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available after 6 PM
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 750-1,000 roubles

Cheboksary, Gagarin Street, 16A
+7 (8352) 550676
Open 24/7

4. Blin Komov Cafe
This is a well-known cafe with delicious food and pleasant atmosphere. It serves excellent Russian and European dishes, there are also lenten dishes and a special children's menu.

There is a wide selection of pancakes with different topings and fillings, including blackcurrant confiture. The menu also offers national Chuvash dishes, for example, Herle Huran Kukli (dumplings made of beetroot dough).

On the menu: a warm liver salad, Chuvash soup Kakai shurpi, pancake with turkey in cheese sauce, pasta carbonara with a poached egg.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available
Summer terrace: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 650 roubles

Cheboksary, Lenin Prospect, 19
+7 (8352) 624376
[email protected]
Monday – Friday 08.00 AM – 10.00 PM, Saturday – Sunday 09.00 AM – 10.00 PM

5. Planeta Cafe
This is a spacious, beautifully decorated cafe. All three halls of the cafe have a thoughtful design, classic, pretty simple but elegant. Two banquet halls (with capacity of 20 and 15 people) are perfect for such celebrations as birthdays, anniversaries, banquets, even small weddings. The big hall is always open for visitors.

The menu is extensive, the dishes are delicious and inexpensive. Predominantly, there are European dishes on the menu. Besides, there is a good selection of shish kebabs and luleh kebabs.

On the menu: a squid warm salad, turkey with oranges, chicken breast cobb salad with pear and orange sauces, Norwegian cream soup, baked rudderfish with pumpkin risotto, marble beef medallions.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: not available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 700 roubles

Cheboksary, Nikolaev Street, 6B
+7 (8352) 573708
[email protected]
11.00 AM – 11.00 PM

6. Art Cafe
This is a nice unassuming cafe with a cheerful atmosphere. Here women's and men's days are regularly held, when female and male guests receive various bonuses. On Sundays, the cafe is open for parents and children who celebrate various holidays here. In the evenings, young people come here to try hookah. The menu includes European and Japanese dishes.

Here you can buy sets of rolls at a reasonable price, for example, 500 rubles per kilogram. Besides, there is a good choice of barbecue and grilled dishes. Here you can taste Ivan tea, which once was traditional for Russia.

On the menu: a chicken liver salad, mushroom fettuccine, pan fried pork chops, cheese coated tilapia, banana and pear strudel.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 500 roubles

Cheboksary, Maksim Gorky Prospect,8
+7 (8352) 641717
[email protected]
10.00 AM – 11.00 PM

7. Del Corso Cafe
This is a bright cafe with a good food and attentive staff. The cafe has several rooms with capacity of 60, 18, and 10 people, so here you can celebrate any event.

The menu includes Japanese, Russian, and Italian dishes. The visitors like a high quality of the cuisine and good service. The cafe provides a catering service – onsite lunches ranging from coffee breaks to a buffet for hundreds of people.

On the menu: a salmon carpaccio, wild mushroom risotto, Kiev cutlet, fillet of beef on a bed of arugula, Volga crawfish salad, sea bass with zucchini.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 700 roubles

Cheboksary, Maksim Gorky Prospect,16
+7 (8352) 565556
[email protected]
11.00 AM – 12.00 AM

8. Cashemir Cafe Club
This is a very cozy cafe in the city center, in the building of the L'Etoile store. It is a spacious cafe, suitable for birthdays or weddings. The large hall can accommodate up to 130 people. What is more, there are separate cabins, designed for a various number of guests, for those who want some privacy.

The cafe is distinguished by delicious, homemade food. Reasonable prices allow you to visit it every day without ruining your budget.

On the menu: fish soup made of sprats in tomato, Russian beef salad Olivie, meat soup Solyanka, luleh kebab.

Free Wi-Fi: not available
Hookah: not available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 400 roubles

Cheboksary, Karl Marks Street, 52
+7 (8352) 292312
[email protected]
10.00 AM – 10.00 PM; Business lunch 12.00 PM – 03.00 PM

9. Meteliza Cafe
This is a small cafe, which can accommodate up to 70 guests. There are several cabins for private gatherings in a small company. The design of the cafe is well thought out, so it is quite comparable with the restaurant.

In addition to the general menu (European and Russian dishes), there is a children's and lean menus, that's why vegetarians are frequent visitors of this cafe. There is an excellent selection of risotto and pasta, a great assortment of grilled dishes.

On the menu: a Neapolitan mozzarella, Caesar salad with tiger shrimps, meat soup Solyanka, lamb shish kebab, vegetable shish kebab.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: not available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 350 – 500 roubles

Cheboksary, Mira Prospect , 33
+7 (8352) 360086
11.00 AM – 11.00 PM; Business lunch 11.00 AM – 03.00 PM

10. Georgy Cafe
This is a beautiful cafe carefully designed by professionals. It has two rooms: a large one (for up to 100 people) and a small one (for up to 40 people). There is a dance floor in the big hall for those who enjoy not only tasty food but also love to dance.

The cuisine of the cafe is also good. The menu is very extensive and includes European and Russian dishes. There are two dozen options on the business lunch menu. There is also a good choice of grilled dishes, including vegetable, fish, and meat kebabs, ribs.

On the menu: a Russian salad Olivie, salmon Caesar salad, soup bozbash with sour cream, hunter's soup, stuffed grape leaves dolma, spicy catfish with garlic sauce.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 800 – 1,000 roubles

Cheboksary, Aizaman Street, 86A
+7 (8352) 504222
09.00 AM – 02.00 AM

11. Carolina Cafe
This is a nice cafe distinguished by a pleasant atmosphere and a thoughtful design. It belongs to the owners of the mentioned above George cafe. The cafe is located on the ground floor of the Ryabinka shopping center.

Its menu includes Russian, European and Caucasian dishes, as well as the menu of the mentioned above George cafe. The Carolina cafe has an excellent selection of shish kebabs, which are very popular. In the evenings, there are live performances, including foreign singers.

On the menu: cheese pancakes with parsley, Caucasian eggplants, Greek salad, salmon soup, jellied tongue, champignon shish kebab.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 900 roubles

Cheboksary, Egersky Boulevard, 44
+7 (8352) 240504, +7 (8352) 446226
09.00 AM – 02.00 AM

12. Knyaz Cafe
This is a light-filled spacious cafe with a large hall for up to 70 seats. Soft chairs and sofas, lots of draperies, beautiful textiles, light tablecloths make the cafe look very presentable, demonstrate its high standards. There is a modern dance floor with laser lights, so anyone can come here not only to refresh the inner man, but also for entertainment.

There are Russian, European, Eastern dishes on the menu. There is a good choice of grilled dishes, including vegetable and mushroom shish kebab. There are also dishes designed for a large company: assorted meat, fish, and vegetables baked over coals.

On the menu: a fish baked in salt crust, catfish shish kebab, ham and mushroom julienne, warm arugula and beef salad, vegetable minestrone soup, hashlama, grilled bacon wrapped shrimps.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 700 – 900 roubles

Cheboksary, Unosty Boulevard, 10A
+7 (8352) 410220
[email protected]
12.00 PM – 12.00 AM

13. Coffeeshop Company Coffee House
This is an excellent cafe for those who love coffee and other tasty drinks made of it. There is a great selection of both hot and cold coffee drinks, for example, mochachino black, cappuccino ice. There are also berry teas with cranberries, raspberries, strawberries, as well as herbal teas with thyme, rosemary, mint.

In addition, you can have a quick and tasty snack at a very reasonable price here. Come here and enjoy delicious strudels with fillings of meat and fish (pork, chicken, trout).

Free Wi-Fi: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 400 roubles

Cheboksary, Presidentsky Boulevard, 20
+7 (8352) 219606
[email protected]
10.00 AM – 10.00 PM

14. Boutique Hall Cafe
This is a stylish cafe which has recently appeared on the map of Cheboksary. It is a large place with four rooms, including a banquet hall for up to 150 people and a main hall for up to 100 people. The cafe is famous for the biggest bar in the city.

There are an excellent lounge, chill out zone and online sports programs. Therefore, here you can perfectly relax with friends, hang out with girlfriends, arrange a children's party (in the afternoon). The cafe regularly hosts live performances of musicians singing jazz, blues, and their own songs, as well as retro style DJ's.

In addition to an extensive menu including European dishes, there is a good selection of alcoholic cocktails.

On the menu: an asparagus and smoked salmon cream soup, Russian crab salad Olivie, tuna salad, saffron risotto, lamb linguine.

Free Wi-Fi: available
Hookah: available
Payment: credit card, cash
Average bill: 750 roubles

Cheboksary, Merchant Efremov Boulevard, 3
+7 (8352) 219222
12.00 AM – 03.00 AM

Cafes on the map of Cheboksary

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