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Yacht clubs in Cheboksary

Learn where to do sailing, rent a yacht or to dock
Are you looking forward to do sailing or searching for a place to dock your vessel? VisitVolga has studied the question and made a list of places, where you can rent a motorboat, a sailing vessel and a place to dock.
Фотография катера на Волге

Cheboksary Yacht Club

Cheboksary yacht club has one of the biggest fleets in the city. You can rent a sailing vessel or a motorboat here, or to rent a place at the moorage for your private vessel.

If you are planning to dock for a long time, use special offer of a long-term rent with yacht service included.

Price for rent

₽ 2000 per hour
Яхт-клуб «Чебоксары»

Price of docking

Yacht size

< 6
> 23
Price per day (₽)

1 000
1 200
2 500
3 500
4 500
Price per month (₽)

13 500
17 000
23 000
27 500
44 000
70 000
85 000

10 Konstantina Ivanova, Cheboksary

+7 (8352) 448850
+7 (903) 3588850

Fregat Water&Sports Club

Водно-спортивная база «Фрегат»
Fregat Water&Sports club is located near Afanasieva beach on Moskovskaya Embankment. To learn prices of renting a vessel or a place to dock, please, contact the centre directly. It depends on the time period and number of guests.

5 Moskovskaya Embankment, Cheboksary

+7 (8352) 677836

Volzhsky Exclusive Boat House

To make a boat trip or to learn how to sail, use the service of a boat house Volzhsky Exclusive. It is located in Morgaushsky District, 40 km away from Cheboksary.
Лодочная станция «Волжский эксклюзив»
You can rent a sailing boat or a motor one here, as well as to rent a place for temporal docking.

Morgaushsky District, Green Island (boat station)

10 Montazhny Proezd, Cheboksary (office)

+7 (8352) 630135

The Yunona Yacht

If you are searching for a vessel to make a short-time sailing trip, take a look at the Yunona yacht. An experienced captain, a cozy cabin with facilities and extra services - such as a banquet, a photo session or an excursion - are at your disposal.
Яхта Юнона
Price for rent
₽ 7000 per 2 hours
₽ 12000 per 12 hours
₽ 24000 per 24 hours

Located next to the road across the Cheboksary Dam, near the Mariisky traffic police station.

+7 (8352) 373556

Royal Service

Royal Service offers small water vessels for rent. There are three sailing boats in their sailing fleet: Viktoria, Inok and Artemida. This summer only Artemida is available for rent, the other two are under repair.

Take a boat trip on the waves of the Volga river or make a photo session on a vessel - allow unforgettable experience for yourself and your loved ones!
Price for rent
₽ 1000 per hour

Located across the Volga river, between a health center Rosinka and a tourist camp Solnyshko.

+7 (919) 6555971
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