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Gifts from Cheboksary:
souvenirs review

A traveller always wish to bring something special, useful and memorable from his journey. Something that will arise pleasant emotions and remind of a happy trip. There are a lot of original souvenirs in Chuvashia. No magnets, trinkets or postcards to discuss! We are sharing with you interesting ideas here, so that you bring back home really useful gifts.

Cheboksary Sweets

Don't miss to buy some sweets of "Akkond" trade mark, when you come to Cheboksary. Try world famous candies Ptitsa Divnaya, unusual mushrooms Boletto Premium, a mix of chocolates Vechernie Cheboksary and many other sorts of sweets from this factory. To treat your relatives and yourself you can buy a couple of boxes for present in any brand store of "Akkond" (which are about 40 in the city).
Чебоксарские конфеты

Aromatic and substantial shartan

Shartan is a traditional Chuvash meat dish. Its culinary essence is as follows: mutton, pork or veal stomach is staffed with chopped meat and flavoured with spices and garlic. In former times the dish was baked in the oven until crispy. Nowadays the true national delicacy of the Chuvash people you can buy in any butcher's shop of the city. It is produced according to traditional technology by Cheboksary, Vurnary and Yadrin meat packing plants. Try different sorts of shartan and bring home the best!
Ароматный и сытный шартан

Refreshing Kvass and Beer

The Chuvash Republic has been always famous for heavy crop of hop, and our people have a fame of great masters in brewing. Each and every householder in Chuvashia used to keep kvass and beer at home from the time immemorial. Kvass is a traditional beverage commonly made from rye bread. Locals enjoy and appreciate both drinks for their light and fresh taste, which has managed to keep its original flavour.

Chuvash beer and kvass today is an original and not expensive souvenir, that you can bring from Cheboksary. Fans of the bitter drink will hardly reject the joy of tasting cold beer "Buket Chuvashii". Local kvass is valued for its rich taste and peerless aroma. You can find the products of "Buket Chuvashii" trademark in all supermarkets of the republic.
Бодрящие квас и пиво Чувашии

Legendary Balsam and Vodka

Chuvash alcohol beverages have rich history, they have been produced at the Cheboksary Distillery for more than 100 years by now. Vodka "Cheboksarskaya" and balsam "Parne" (a variety of traditional herbal, high alcohol content liqueur originally used for medicinal purposes) are the main Cheboksary alcoholic souvenirs - a city view and a girl in traditional costume are depicted on the labels. The vodka, as it is meant to be, has 40% of alcohol and the balsam is made of 15 types of herbs. Both of them taste nice!

Products of the Cheboksary Distillery can be bought in any brand store of the city, since you are 18 years old.
Легендарные бальзам и водка Чувашии

Cheboksary Knitted Goods

The Cheboksary Hosiery Factory was founded in 1962. In the Soviet Union times products of this factory were known as "Cheboksary knitted wear". The factory is still functioning, but on the wave of great love to the brand in 2000s a knitted business cluster was created. The following enterprises play the main roles in this cluster: «Hosiery Factory» (heir of the first factory) and garment factory «Pike» (represented on the market under the trademark MELADO).

Both factories have a wide retail network in Cheboksary and regularly release new original collections. You can buy stylish and comfortable clothes of fine quality for reasonable price here: cotton underwear for babies, sport knitwear, jumpers, bathrobes and many more.

Чебоксарский трикотаж

National Clothes

Modern clothes in national style are popular souvenirs, which people bring from Chuvashia. «Chuvash Embroidery – Pakha tere» showroom and store offers a wide choice of national dresses and costumes with the Chuvash ornament on the products. Those who prefer travel light, can buy a case for a mobile phone, original napkin or towel decorated with the Chuvash embroidery. Remember, that ethnic prints are all the rage now!
Национальная одежда Чувашии

Clothes by local youth brands

KUSTO и «ZAVOLZHIE» are popular brands of street fashion. Stylish Cheboksary startups first appeared in social networks. Purchase orders are coming from everywhere, both Russia and abroad. When you come to Cheboksary, find a fashionable T-shirt, hoodie or hat - save your time and money on delivery of your favourite brands. And, of course, wear it with love
Одежда местных молодежных брендов Чувашии

Cheboksary Textile

Trademarks "Khlopkovy Rai" and "Cheboksarsky Textile" have established a good reputation, offering their customers high quality, interesting design and affordable price for many years by now. The company use only organic cotton for sewing. It doesn't cause irritation, allows the body to breathe and creates favourable microclimate. An original set of bed linen or a blanket is a memorable gift for the whole family!
Чебоксарский текстиль

Chuvash Literature

An obvious place to buy a gift for a book lover is a book store. A book of prose or poetry written by Chuvash classics in Russian or Chuvash can become a unique present from Cheboksary to your relatives or yourself.

True bibliophiles should note the immortal poem of national literature "Narspi" by Konstantin Ivanov and also a collection of poems by Gennady Aygi. To get literary pleasure visit one of the brand stores of the Chuvash Book Publishing House - "Knizhnie Novinki".
Чувашская литература

National Handicrafts

Numerous shops with souvenirs on local Arbat will definitely attract your attention. Clay toys in the shape of birds and animals, national embroidery, felt boots (famous valenki), painted kitchen utensils, handmade dolls and traditional nesting dolls (matryoshka) - all these things and many other gifts can become a memorable present, which will enrich the interior of your house and remind you of your journey to the Pearl of the Volga Region.

Similar souvenir products you can also buy in different parts of the city, in such stores as "Narodnie Promisly" and "Suveniry goda".
Народные промыслы
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