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Cheboksary Reviews

Cheboksary is a city, which you definitely want to know! When I first arrived here, straight away I could feel how much people love their city. I tried to listen attentively to the Chuvash language, but, of course, I couldn't understand a word. Your language is alive. It is really cool! It would have been good, if I had have an opportunity to stay here longer. Perhaps, I would have started talking Chuvash. At least I can say: "Ira kun" and "Salam". I liked such traditional dishes as shartan, khuplu, schurpe. When we were shooting video near the Mother Patroness Monument, I saw a beautiful view over the Cheboksary Bay and the Volga itself. If someone reminds me about Cheboksary, this amazing view will appear in front of my eyes… Roland, that place, where we took a ride on "banana" and Lapland merry-go-round… this image will always remind me of Cheboksary.
John Warren
Television host of the programme «Poedem, poedim»
(lit., "Let's go and eat")
NTV TV channel (Moscow)

Cheboksary is very clean and neat. It's really beautiful and cozy. In comparison with St. Petersburg it is very clean here! I liked Moskovskaya Embankment. It is a beautiful and comfortable place for rest. Underground City is something special. I've become interested in it at once and read some information about. The history is very interesting. If it was possible to get inside the Underground City, that would be cool! I took a tour around the historical part of the city. I can't say, that I thoroughly learned everything, but I made a walk around the centre. It was very interesting. I also visited the National Museum. I learned about the history of the city, traditions and culture of the Chuvash people there. I liked everything, and the cuisine as well - you can have really tasty meal here. There are good restaurants in the city.
Arseny Agapov
KVN show member
"Bez konservantov" (Saint Petersburg)
The city surprised me with its incredible tranquility. Walking down Moskovskaya Embankment I could feel not only stillness, but soft wind, gentle sunset, light waves of the Volga… All these things create pleasant atmosphere, it is really nice here. The city exceeded our expectations. I can see, that the city changes only for the better.
Elena Filippova
Ideologist of the project "Night over the Volga",
deputy director of the Youth Tourism Centre (Moscow)
In comparison with health resorts in other republics, you offer very good service here. And the nature is wonderful. We are always glad to arrange trips to your health resorts, being sure that our clients will be satisfied.
Natalia Bozhenko
Travel agent
"Obiedinenye turist" (Kazan)
The city is clean and green. During several days in Cheboksary we learned a lot of interesting facts about the city. The ethno ecological complex Yasna have left very pleasant and unforgettable impression. We immersed into the culture of the Chuvash nation, watched the process of making national drink, beer. I highly recommend visiting the Beer Museum to those, who is thinking to come to Cheboksary. The park Suvar has also left a great impression - more than 130 wooden sculptures are collected there. Clean air and beautiful nature surround that unique place. The Tractor History Museum surprised us with its original exposition. Tractors track show was something incredible.
Vladimir Pleshakov
Author and host of the project
"Great rivers of Russia" (Moscow)

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